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Squid Hacks

Welcome to a new segment of The Travelling Squid, Squid Hacks.  In this segment, we will feature tips and tricks that The Travelling Squid has used to get the best value out of travel, be it through saving hard-earned cash, and maximising mileage earnings. Read on.

The Squid Hacks’ Alaska MileagePlan mileage run on Qantas Economy

Alaska MileagePlan had launched a promo for Qantas flights to the US, allowing double mileage accrual for economy flights between Australia and the US.  MileagePlan already provided very generous mileage accrual for Qantas economy (100%), but this meant that I would earn 200% of the miles that I would be flying between Australia and the US, along with 100% accrual for my flights between Singapore and Australia.