Trans Siberian Day 1: Beijing to Er Lian 北京出发!

trans siberian railway beijing
The Trans Siberian Railway, starting from Beijing.

If you had asked me when I first stepped out of the Trans Siberian train at 4am on a cold Thursday morning, if I ever wanted to do that trip again, I would have given you a resounding NO.

If you asked me how was it, I would go in a roundabout way to tell you, yes there were some nice scenery along the way, but planes are invented for a reason and who gives a shit about the romance of old world travel.

Then, one week later, after having recovered from the flu I sustained while on the train and warmed my stomach with hot meals twice daily accompanied with daily baths, I would tell you that I have to reconsider my take on the Trans Siberian.

Then as I looked through the photos, a smile breaks out on my face, and I’m thinking – hey! This was a heck of a trip!

Of course there are moments where I just felt like jumping off the train, leaving my companion with the luggage and try to catch the next plane home – but I’m glad I made it to Moscow and back.

I have organised the photos according to the different days on the train. There were two leagues. The first league from Beijing to Irkutsk (2.5 days) and the second, Irkutsk to Moscow (4 days).

The first day is of course, when smiles were abound and energy levels was at its highest;) Happy viewing.

trans siberian railway beijing
This is the K3 train.
北京火车站 beijing train station trans siberian
At Beijing Train Station (北京火车站)- boarded the train at 7.45am. It was due to leave at 8.05am.
trans siberian beijing second class berth
Second class berth – booked this through Real Russia
Trans Siberian china leg
Passing by a rocky outcrop as we head to the Chinese border in Er Lian. I am reminded of Huangshan
Trans Siberian first class
Making way pass the first class berth to the restaurant car.. Check out the polished sheen of the wooden doors!
trans siberian first class plush seats
A peek into the first class cabin. There’s basically two berths in each cabin, and a sofa like thing on the right (not shown in the pic).
trans siberian chinese meals
Complimentary meals are given at during the first day, at the Chinese league of the trip. Beware celery haters!
trans siberian chinese meals
They served two dishes (celery and chicken with cucumber for lunch. I found the rice fluffy and very edible. The chicken was a little salty but it was okay. Overall, it was better than our other alternative, instant noodles. You can takeway the food to your own berth, but we decided to stretch our legs and make our way to the restaurant car.
restaurant car beijing leg
Weary chef of the restaurant car

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