Irkutsk, around and about: A Photo Story

This is a continuation from: Trans Siberian Tales: Why Chinese do not like Mongolians?

Irkutsk is a small town to stopover along the Trans Siberian train journey. We were glad to  get a hot shower and a good night’s sleep on a stationary bed after two days on the train. (Little did we know how four days on the train could be).

Like Moscow, Irkutsk is made up of buildings with special architecture of a smaller scale. During our time there, we visited a Russian Orthodox church, which was our first contact with churches in Russia, and it was very, very different. There’s also a river bank that you must head to, the Angara River which flows into the grand Lake Baikal.

Irkutsk is much colder than in Moscow. Temperatures go down to -7 degrees when we were there in early October and it snowed. But the winds are not as strong as it can be in Moscow, so you will be fine with a thick coat, gloves and hat. That being said, it can be quite a dampener when it comes to sight-seeing. We wanted to see more views of Lake Baikal from different locations, but after getting frostbitten under such temperatures, one trip to Listvanya was enough.

It’s definitely a place to get some rest for the onward league of the Trans Siberian (it’s 4 days non-stop if you’re going to Moscow) and like a catapult, you will find yourself by the fringes of Lake Baikal in a blink of an eye. (I’m exaggerating, but you WILL definitely go to Lake Baikal when you are in Irkutsk).

Tip: If you, like me wondered for the longest time how to pronounce Ir-ku-tsk, click here:

I figured it’s some thing like this Ee – a – cool – sk: Ee (The ee of eerie) – a – cool- sk (the sk of tsk). For Mandarin speakers, the Chinese name would be 伊尔库茨克.

Shoppping, Irkutsk, grand buildings
Grand Buildings that line the streets – looks like a shopping place to me
Mango fashion irkutsk russia
It’s heart warming to come across a familiar brand – Mango
snowing Irkutsk Russia autumn
It’s snowing! It was -2 degrees outside, and it’s only October. An autumn in Russia.
Interesting street art - Irkutsk, Russia
Interesting street art – Soviet Style
Irkutsk snow russia autumn park
It snowed the night before – it’s freezing cold the next day.
Irkutsk snow Russia
Gardens covered with snow
Soviet rockets Irkutsk, Russia
Some Soviet rockets on display across the street. So random!
soviet tanks irkutsk russia
There are still tanks!
Irkutsk subway sony russia
That’s Subway, and Sony for you!
tired Statue irkutsk russia
That’s a statue that looks very tired. I felt like that when I had to walk in the coooldd…
Painting of snow, covered by snow. Irkutsk russia
This is quite a classic photo. A painting of snow, covered by snow.
paintings irkutsk russia
It snowed, and all the other paintings got covered in snow too
Irkutsk blue skies russia sunny
Finally seeing blue skies in Irkutsk on our last day. It had been gloomy the past two days.
Irkutsk graffiti Russia
Someone tried to sit on that bench and his pants got wet by the snow. 😉  hahah! Anw we kept seeing imprints of this Moses guy everywhere in Russia

* * *

Raising of the Cross Church – Sedova Street

We took shelter in a coffee house due to the -11deg temperatures. My ears felt like they were falling off and my hands were in pain. Russian churches are quite different from European churches, and much less compared to the Singapore ones.

Raising of the Cross Church, Irkutsk, Russia
Raising of the Cross Church
Raising of the Cross Church, Irkutsk
Love these white long windows with sunlight streaming in
Raising of the Cross Church, Irkutsk
Donations upon entry.
Raising of the Cross Church, Irkutsk Russia
Candles alight in worship
Raising of the Cross Church, Irkutsk
Jesus on the cross
Raising of the Cross Church, Irkutsk
The garden of the church
Raising of the Cross Church, Irkutsk, beggars
Beggars outside the church. These were the only beggars we came across in Irkutsk.

* * *

Convenience store russia irkutsk
A Convenience store in Russia – Most stores are like that. They have a small hole and you have got to tell the shop keeper what you want. Unlike 7’11.
Lenin statue Irkutsk Russia
The awe-inspiring statue of Lenin
Irkutsk building construction
Best cover I have seen of a building in construction. Singaporean companies should use that instead of those unsightly green mosquito nets.
Statue Irkutsk Russia
Not sure who this is, but it’s quite cool!

* * *

Angara River Bank, a straight walk from the Lenin Statue

Most beautiful place in Irkutsk

Statue of a Tsar, Irkutsk Russia
Statue of a Tsar
Angara River bank Irkutsk russia
The banks of the Angara River – feel like I can stay here all day
Angara river bank irkutsk russia
Buildings glittering in the sun
Irkutsk bridge Angkara River Russia
Bridge over untroubled waters
keys bridge Angkara River bank Irkutsk Russia
Lockets of keys on the bridge
The waters are so clear! Reminds me of Taiwan
The waters are so clear! Reminds me of Taiwan
Irkutsk playground russia
Colourful playground surrounded by autumn trees
Irkutsk autumn trees Russia
In Seoul, I was hunting for golden trees. In Russia, it’s everywhere : )
Angkara Riverbank Irkutsk Russia
Cool clouds

Watch this space for my next post on Eating in Irkutsk.

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