Hero from Moscow: Vladimir Putin, Russia’s macho leader

Putin and a rifle
The Russian ladies are swooning over this, I bet! With Credits: http://www.businessinsider.com/39-photos-vladimir-putin-badass-2013-10#one-of-the-russian-presidents-favorite-hobbies-is-hunting-an-he-frequently-goes-on-expeditions-to-aid-researchers-in-tagging-animals-17

The Travelling Squid is usually not so tabloidish, but I’m bursting to tell you about a hero from Moscow, Vladimir Putin, Russia’s macho leader. When reading up about Russia in Lonely Planet, he was described to be a strong man with badass tendencies, still going on strong beyond his 61 years of age. The photos will tell you why.

To prove this point, Mr Putin had received a calendar of girls posing rather suggestively on his 58th birthday in 2010. Given the hotness level of Russian girls, I do believe Mr Putin was in for a rather flattering proposition before his eyes. In it were also several suggestive speech bubbles, such as ““The forest fires have been put out, but I’m still burning!” with reference to the 2010 Russian Forest Fires.

Anyway, you must be keen to check out the contents of the calendar, so click here. Some snapshots below for um, your easy reference.

Putin calendar girls
As this is a family friendly blog, tamer images have been used. 😉 With credits: http://www.theweek.co.uk/pictures/28847/putin-calendar-girls/page/1/0#main-content-area

An article by Cracked.com shows you how he has put out fires, was an ex secret agent before, drove a F1 car (nearly crashing it), tranquilized a tiger, tagged and weighed a polar bear, sparred in Judo and posed topless, “dominating wildlife” such a bears and tigers. Me thinks he has quite a good body for some one in his sixties.

Putin tagging Artic bear
Dominating, oh no, I mean tagging an artic bear. With credits: http://www.businessinsider.com/39-photos-vladimir-putin-badass-2013-10#hes-also-shot-a-polar-bear-for-science-this-allowed-researchers-to-tag-and-track-the-arctic-bear-20
Putin badass horse wilderness
Taking on the Siberian wilderness on a horse, shirtless. With credits: http://www.businessinsider.com/39-photos-vladimir-putin-badass-2013-10#putin-takes-in-the-scenic-siberian-wilderness-while-shirtless-on-a-horse-30

An article by Business Insider further reaffirms Mr Putin’s position as the world’s most badass leader in the world. I quite like “swimming in freezing Siberian lakes for fun”.

Putin swimming siberian lakes
Swimming in freezing Siberian lakes for fun. With credits: http://www.businessinsider.com/39-photos-vladimir-putin-badass-2013-10#he-swims-in-freezing-siberian-lakes-for-fun-15

But this is my favourite though. Beyond his strong and powerful exterior, he can be quite a sweetie.

Vladmir Putin badass
Putin and a chick. With credits: http://www.businessinsider.com/39-photos-vladimir-putin-badass-2013-10#putin-stares-down-a-young-chick-at-an-agricultural-exposition-22

And just to prove a point about his machoism and popularity, I spotted a row of souvenir cups on sale, showcasing Mr Putin in action.

Check out the photo below.

Putin is fishing, topless, riding a horse, topless, catching something, topless. Ooh la la.

An interesting side to one of the world’s most feared leaders : )

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