Moscow in Photos – Around and about

Moscow Tourist Information Centre
Finding your way around Moscow

Most travellers would probably be familiar with Moscow’s towering skyscrapers and ancient buildings rich in history. But in any city, beyond the glamourous and glittering landscapes of the rich, there lies an unseen part of the city, some of it hidden away from the delicate eyes of tourists, such of it just too far off for tourists to get there.

‘Moscow in Photos’ takes you around Moscow’s beautiful sights and gives you a snippet of its past – an old, greyish Soviet style block of flats.

I’m sure there’s more to Moscow, than just the St Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin. But I am unable to give you more. Unlike in India where I have trotted down fearlessly into Delhi’s poor neighbourhoods on the lookout for portraits of the poor and needy, I cannot be sure such fearlessness should be extended to Moscow’s poorer neighbourhoods.

My last taste of Moscow was when the train to the airport pulled off from the station. Wall after wall lining the perimeters of the train tracks were covered with graffiti, some very artistic and some not very tasteful – think vulgarities. And I think, that’s part of Russian culture.

metro station Moscow
A metro station in Moscow
Russian doll street stores
Souvenirs for sale, near the red Square
Moscow tourism office
Like an artist’s impression. This photo has not been edited at all
Russian housing
Soviet style of housing?
Moscow Old Arbat
Near the Red Square – lovely contrast
Moscow Tourist Information Centre
An empty nice looking building, opposite the Tourist Information Centre
Moscow autumn leaves
Autumn leaves of the fall, on the way to Danilov Monastery

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