Date a girl who likes Prada

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My inspiration for this post comes from several girls I have met in my twenties, who both desire to and currently own a Prada. Contrary to popular stereotypes, they are not materialistic, spendthrift or manipulative. In fact, a particular friend strikes me as exceptionally down-to-earth. A girl who has a strong personality, is a firm friend, and of course, very date-able.

In all my observations and conversations with people, I think the key is to choose the girl wisely. Women can deck themselves in Prada eyeglasses, scarves, perfume, bags and shoes, but not all girls can pull off that signature Prada look. One of elegance, confidence and grace, the epitome of sophistication.

Before I’ll go on to stake my claim, I’ll like to add in a disclaimer. The girl who likes Prada may be unlike a girl who currently owns and wears Prada. She may aspire to own a Prada bag, and is on her journey to get one. She may yearn for Prada but would rather pay for it herself instead of requesting for her partner to do so. She may desire a Prada wallet, but that doesn’t mean she’s got to be decked out from head to toe in Feragamo and Louis Vuitton.

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An exquisite Prada
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Date a girl who likes Prada because she exudes confidence. She doesn’t have to rely on the shiny signature Prada logo to make a presence, but Prada brings out the best in her.

Date a girl who likes Prada because she stands for what she believes in and will be sure to fight for what she wants.

Date a girl who likes Prada because you will soon rub off her fine taste in fashion and design, and soon you’ll be getting compliments too.

Date a girl who likes Prada because you’ll be surprised how down to earth she can be. For Valentine’s Day it can be a pot of soil to grow a rosemary plant for that aglio olio that she’s about to whip up for you.

Girls who like Prada
Girls who like Prada
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Date a girl who likes Prada because she’s sophisticated, and you can be quite sure she has a fine sense of the world and the thought process that goes around it.

Date a girl who likes Prada because shopping with her will be a breeze. She’ll know what to look out for in Prada’s Spring collection and will be able to tell if there’s a scratch on the new Hermes wallet you’re about to purchase.

Date a girl who likes Prada because she’s opinionated, and the time spent with her will never be boring.

Date a girl who likes Prada because you’ll find a strange sense of affinity when you meet the boyfriends of her friends who like Prada. If you’re expected to lend your wallet in the acquisition of an upcoming bag, you’re likely to find a kindred spirit to hear you out.

Date a girl who likes Prada and soon you’ll find your legs getting toner by the months, judging by the hours spent browsing bags at the Prada shop.

Date a girl who likes Prada, and your mathematical prowess will improve as you attempt to do currency conversions to determine if a Prada is much cheaper in Europe than in your home country.

Date a girl who likes Prada because she’s got a fine sense of humour. You can expect hours of bantering as she outwits you in debates.

Date a girl who likes Prada because she’s bound to wow you off with her poise, elegance and wit, along with your friends, colleagues and parents.

Date a girl who likes Prada because she’ll feel at ease at a networking party, and not stick by your side like a clingy puppy.

Date a girl who likes Prada because you’ll fall in love with her smile, over and over again, when she unwraps the latest bag of hers.

Date a girl who likes Prada because you’ll be in awe by the grace she exudes when a waiter accidentally spills a glass of wine on her bag at a fine dining restaurant. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s (and woman’s) character, give him (her) power.”

Date a girl who likes Prada and doesn’t expect you to pay for it. That’s one in the million and you’ve got to keep this gem.

Date a girl who likes Prada because she’s knows what she wants. Nothing but the best and that’s you, too.

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Prada exudes style and confidence. With credits:

The objective of my post here is to debunk the stereotype that all girls who like Prada are materialistic, demanding and high maintenance. But I’ll admit that there are girls who like Prada and are like that. And if you’re a high flyer who is able to keep up with such a lifestyle and happen to have a connection with such a girl, then by all means please go ahead and date her. If you’re wealthy and are trying to avoid girls that go for your money rather than personality, then I must admit that is slightly more challenging. But not impossible anyway. (Topic for a next post maybe?)

A Friend K says it boils down to the “spiritual connection”. Where there is never a boring moment when she’s around and the fact that you both bring joy and a sense of fulfilment to each other lives. If you ever feel that way for someone, then that person’s love for Prada will then be inconsequential.

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Acknowledgements: I’m not personally a big fan of Prada, and I would like to extend a big thanks to my Friend T and C for helping me with this post. Thanks for your maturity of thought and insights that were crucial in navigating around what is an unfamiliar realm of life for me.  

Also a big thanks to the sites I have credited these lovely photos to, which have helped to bring this post to life.

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