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Just before anyone sues me in court for causing them financial ruin, I’ll like to highlight that unemployment here refers to unemployment in between jobs, not permanent unemployment, in which a person rots at home and lives off his/her parent’s money. Essentially, this post is not asking you to date a 窝囊废 (wastrel).

I am no stranger to unemployment, having left my previous jobs to seek for something more than the daily grind of jobs that appeared glamorous but wasn’t anything up my alley. I also took time off to travel in between jobs. It’s difficult trying to stay positive between bouts of unemployment. After nine consecutive failed interviews, you start to wonder if you’re really so useless and you get despondent. Naturally, you think yourself as unattractive and avoid putting yourself out there. It’s a vicious cycle and that girl or guy you are interested in will just end up thinking that you’re as incapable as you think yourself to be.

This post is not just to encourage girls to date guys they love but are unemployed. It’s also for guys to date girls who are unemployed, and not resent them as a financial liability. That being said, I must admit that the former is more difficult, especially for traditional Asian societies where the guy is still expected to bring home most of the bacon.

Therefore I’ve selected the title to be  “Date a guy who is unemployed” as it’s more challenging but it applies to girls who are unemployed too.

A guy friend who is currently unemployed told me that it’s plain inconsiderate to be chasing girls in his current state. He said that he can’t be sure of the outcome of his future, and doesn’t want to affect the other person as well.

I beg to differ. After all, a date is just a date, it’s not like I’m asking girls out there to “Marry” a guy who is unemployed. And if the period of unemployment is almost sure to be temporary, why not take this opportunity to see who will be willing to go through the thick and thin with you?

As the saying goes, “A good wife stays by her husband when he has nothing; A good husband stays by his wife when he has everything.”

Therefore my conclusion is that anybody who is willing to date a guy who is unemployed truly loves him for who he is, and not the riches he possess.

And I hereby present to you, some great reasons to date a guy who is unemployed.

* * *

Date a guy who is unemployed because he’ll remember that you were there for him when he was down, and there’s a high chance he’ll remember you in good times.

Date a guy who is unemployed because he’s not easily satisfied. He wants a job that suits him, something that he can passionately look forward to and will settle for no less. And he’s likely to do the same in the aspect of love.

Date a guy who is unemployed because he has the guts to start something on his own. It could be plucking up courage to work for a business idea he believes in, or going on a 16 month trip around the world. He is willing to bite the bullet to make it happen.

Date a guy who is unemployed because he is a risk taker, and higher the risk can result in greater rewards. Trust your judgement and you’ll never go wrong.

Date a guy who is unemployed because he is not afraid of hardship. The fact that he is willing to survive on no salary to do something he believes in says a lot.

Date a guy who is unemployed because he’s one in a million. There are tons of people out there who take on jobs that pay the bills, but he’s looking for something that is fulfilling and could make a difference.

Date a guy who is unemployed because if there’s any other day in your life where you decide to quit your job, he’ll be there for you.

Date a guy who is unemployed because there’s no better way to see how he copes with adversity, and it could be telling of how he copes in stressful and difficult situations. And that’s the mark of a true man.

But most importantly, date a guy who is unemployed because you truly believe in him. His potential, not just career wise, but also his ability to take care of you and make you happy.

Date a guy who is unemployed
Date a guy who is unemployed, but may be not this guy 😉

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