Hiatus: The Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight

I do my best to post a thought-provoking, hilarious post on travelling every Sunday, but I will give it a miss this week. This in line with the news that the Malaysian Airlines flight has still not been found.

I’m not sure about you, but this piece of news has struck a chord with me, maybe because of the frequent travelling and also because it happened so close to home. In my university days, I used to take flights from Kuala Lumpur to other destinations because they were cheaper and because of convenience. I’ve also been on many flights, and experienced steep drops due to turbulence. Each time my heart cringes and I say a prayer. I used to wonder during the safety briefings, what will it be like to use those life jackets. The thought honestly scares me now.

The odds are stacked against passengers of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, but I hope they will still be alive. Honestly speaking, it’s a long shot. All I can say that it’s heart-breaking to see the photos of family members in agony, and it further saddens me to know that there are two infants on board.

Let’s hope for the best.