A Kashmiri Photo Story (3): Botanical Gardens Srinagar

botanical gardens srinagar
Great way to spend the winter – Botanical Gardens Srinagar

If you’re a tree or plant enthusiast, the Botanical Gardens in Srinagar is the place to be. I’m not sure how extensive the collection of trees there are, but I came across trees and plants in all sorts of shapes and sizes that I’d never seen back home, in sunny Singapore.

These trees come in unique crown-shapes while some have long branches hanging down, it’s a sight to behold. There’s a lake in the Gardens too, and boats are available for rent. Given the cold in winter, a lone sampan had been left by the side of the lake. If you’re into photo-taking of plants and trees, do head on down. It’s a 5-8 minute drive away from Chashma Shahi.

srinagar botanical gardens kashmir
Winding paths against the backdrop of the Himalayas
srinagar botanical gardens kashmir
Spot of snow on a little bush
srinagar botanical gardens chinar
I’m not a tree wizard, but this looks like the Chinar tree (Platanus Orientalis). Like how the snow forms a perimeter around the leaves.
srinagar botanical gardens kashmir
Any tree wizards can identify this tree?
srinagar botanical gardens kashmir
Empty park bench, for admiring the lake in the garden.
srinagar botanical gardens fir abies tree
Path to a Christmas/ Fir (Abies) Tree
srinagar botanical gardens kashmir
Love the shape of its crown like leaves.
srinagar botanical gardens kashmir
Couple taking a stroll along the lake
botanical gardens srinagar willow tree
Willow tree


srinagar botanical gardens lake kashmir
Lake in the Botanical Gardens
srinagar botanical gardens lake kashmir
The surface of the lake had frozen a little
srinagar botanical gardens lake kashmir
Small boat, by the side of the lake

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