How to get yourself that cheap flight – in pictures

As told in my earlier post on the top 25 travelling mistakes to make before turning 35, getting cheap flights is really not my strongest point. I have always made the decision to travel spontaneously, and that usually results in me paying premium airfare costing more than a hundred bucks than what I would usually pay.

Take my booking of the recent flight to Bali for example. My friends had booked an affordable SGD80 AirAsia flight from Singapore to Bali (one way). This was a promotional price, and a great discount because it fell on the day just before a public holiday. Two weeks later when I decided to join them and book the flight, the price had shot up to a whooping SGD150 (one way). I ended up booking a return flight with a full-fledged airline instead, as the added cost of travelling on a budget carrier was equivalent, if not slightly more than a budget carrier. It cost me a total of SGD285 for that flight, while my friends paid about SGD150 in total.

Came across this infographic by Neo Mam Studios which tells you how to get yourself that cheap flight, in the simple, easiest possible way. A quick tip – travelling on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are the cheapest days to fly.

Do enjoy!

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how to get that cheap flight graphic