Jet lag hits The Travelling Squid

portobello jet lag
Finally, delicious portobello with cheddar cheese. Yum

It’s 2am in the morning and I’m on the computer. It’s the second night that I’m sleepless. Note – I’m only sleepless at night. In the day, I feel like curling up in a ball in my office chair and sleep.

It’s the jet lag. I’ve heard my friends talk about it, and now it’s hitting me real bad. The cities I had been to were six hours behind Singapore. Which means to say, my body is behaving as it is, at 8pm. Which is fully alert, looking for food.

Even my stomach is jet lagged. I’m full at 7.30pm SGT, after a small meal of noodles and fried eggs. But at 2am SGT, 8pm CET, it’s usually when we have dinner (a huge one) and I’m feeling so so hungry.

Actually, it’s the sleeplessness that worries me more. Before I went on the trip, I used to get periods of sleeplessness from time to time, which is easily addressed with a glass of wine. I’ll feel drowsy  in a while and soon I’m on my way to dreamland.

Alcohol does not help jet lag! Try it at your peril.

But it’s not the case for a jet lagged brain and mind. I’m not sure about you, but alcohol sure did make me more alert, and even more awake! Which is really quite the opposite of what I intended for. It’s a miracle how I managed to sleep last night. 

This morning though, I slept way through the alarm. Thank goodness The Brother was there to give a helpful knock on the door. The rest is history.

Let’s embrace the night

Tonight, I’ve tried every tool in the bag, but I still can’t get to sleep. I’ve tried my usual reading Nat Geo on the iPad. Not working. Tried reading a book, and it’s super exciting so I better put it down before I can’t stop. Tried eating lots of chocolates and drinking hot chocolate. Not working. Watching an old Friends episode because they always give me good dreams… and all I can think about is Phoebe’s antics… and charm..

So I’ve decided to embrace the night. The tummy is rumbling so I decided to make myself some ‘tapas’. A Portobello mushroom grilled with cheese, garlic and black pepper. (See picture) Sounds lovely and it tastes just as well. Though I recommend you use cheddar instead of parmesan. It’s creamier and I love how it stretches and sticks to the mushroom. You can use the cheese slices, it works too!

It’s 2.30am. Sleep is nowhere in my brain but I think I’ll go lie down and pretend to sleep.

Crossing fingers that the alarm works tomorrow… wish me luck!

Have you had a jet lag moment? Please share your remedies, and some tips : )