Visiting the Lisbon Cathedral and Santo António Church in Sé

If you hop off at the Sé stop along the Tram 28 route, you have the option of visiting two landmarks, the Lisbon Cathedral and the Santo António Church, before heading to Castelo de São Jorge.

The Lisbon Cathedral is the main attraction, with a great facade and intricately carved ceilings and pillars inside. According to Wiki, it comprises a mixture of architecture from different eras, after surviving many earthquakes.

Visiting the Lisbon Cathedral and Santo António Church in Sé:

Lisbon Cathedral

lisbon cathedral tram 28
Look out for the church and alight. You will reach the St George castle after a 10 min walk.

The Lisbon Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Cathedral in Lisbon. Since the beginning of the construction of the cathedral, in the year 1147, the building has been modified several times and survived many earthquakes. Today, it is a mix of different architectural styles.

With credits: Wikipedia

It’s worth a walk around in side – I love the ceilings and paintings. The doors remind me of the Cathedral I had seen in Moscow’s Kremlin. Think they are of a Gothic influence.

lisbon cathedral
Reminded me of the cathedrals at the Kremlin. The door is too large, hence a smaller opening for humans.
lisbon cathedral
Intricate carvings that line the perimeters of the doors.
lisbon cathedral
Enjoyed the architecture inside too.
lisbon cathedral stained glass windows
An art form in itself.
ceiling lisbon cathedral
Very interesting ceilings!
lisbon cathedral offering
Give an offering and you can light up one of the candles.
candlelights lisbon cathedral
Candles look really good at night.
painting lisbon cathedral
A painting – beautiful.

Santo António Church

st antonio church lisbon
St Antonio Church in Lisbon

The Santo António Church is dedicated to Saint Anthony of Lisbon. According to tradition, the church was built on the site where the saint was born, in 1195. The church is classified as a National Monument.

Since 1755, a procession leaves the church every June 13, passes by Lisbon Cathedral and goes through the slopes of Alfama neighbourhood, located nearby. The 13th of June is Saint Anthony’s “patron saint day” and occurs in the “Popular Saint Festivities” celebrated by Lisbon; during the morning special bread is given to the oldest women of each family.

With credits: Wikipedia

St Antonio Church in Lisbon
In the insides of the Church. Did not hang around for too long as an actual church service was ongoing.

The Travelling Squid’s Take

Both sights, the Lisbon Cathedral and Santo António Church in Sé are interesting places to visit, especially if you would like to understand more about the history of Lisbon from a religious standpoint.

For the uninitiated, the Lisbon Cathedral is a lovely attraction because of its beautiful aesthetics, both inside and outside. They make for lovely pictures.

Hope you enjoyed your time there and drop a comment should you have any questions.