Three simple steps to get to Cristo Rei in Portugal

cristo rei back Cacilhas lisbon
Cristo Rei from the back.

Unlike visiting major attractions in Barcelona, Cristo Rei in Lisbon is not easily accessed via the metro. It takes a ferry and bus ride to reach the huge attraction, though the journey there is an attraction itself. Here are three simple steps of how to get to Cristo Rei in Portugal from central Lisbon:

1. Head to the Cais do Sodre ferry terminal (You can walk along the broadwalk from Praça do Comércio)

If you’re heading to Cristo Rei from Praça do Comércio, facing the Tagus River, turn right and walk straight along the long broadwalk. It’s a 10 minute walk to the Cais do Sodre ferry terminal.

broadwalk lisbon tagus river
Three simple steps to get to Cristo Rei in Portugal – you can first walk along the broadwalk along the Tagus River
broadwalk lisbon tagus river
Nice scenery awaits you. 
broadwalk lisbon tagus river
Nice grass patch to chill and enjoy the sun.

2. Take the Ferry to Cacilhas

The return ferry ticket will cost €4. The ferry leaves at 20-30 minute intervals, so be prepared to wait it out should you miss the boat. The ferry ticket looks similar to that of the metro, therefore remember not to mix them up!

ferry cacilhas cristo rei
Ferry to Cacilhas

The scenery on the ferry brings you close to the 25 de Abril Bridge, which will be splendidly laid before your eyes once you arrive at Cristo Rei. Nonetheless, it can be quite an experience to be seeing a Golden Gate lookalike for the very first time.

For good pictures, opt for the seats without window panels blocking the view.

Cacilhas lisbon ferry
Scenery is really great on the ferry ride from Lisbon to Cacilhas
Cacilhas lisbon ferry 25 de abril bridge
The 25 de Abril bridge slowly comes to life
Cacilhas lisbon ferry
Portugal is mostly made up of houses with brown rooftops, I realised

3. Take Bus 101 in Cacilhas

Upon arrival at Cacilhas, you will be greeted by multiple restaurants. I’m not sure how good is the food. If you had a chance to check them out do drop a comment below!

Cacilhas lisbon cristo rei
One of the many restaurants at Cacilhas near the ferry terminal.
Cacilhas lisbon cristo rei
Signboard upon arriving at Cacilhas.

For the bus to Cristo Rei, turn left and you will find the bus station. From there, Bus 101 will take you right to the doorstep of Cristo Rei. Tickets can be bought on the bus. Make sure you have enough change! The bus frequency is about twenty minutes. You can see the bus timetable at the bus stop. If you miss the bus, fret not. The scenery around is pretty amazing and taking photos would help to kill time.

lighthouse Cacilhas lisbon cristo rei
Nice lighthouse looking structure at Cacilhas.
fishing Cacilhas lisbon cristo rei
Fishing at the jetty at Cacilhas.
ship Cacilhas lisbon cristo rei
Flags among a sturdy Portuguese ship.
Bus 101 ship Cacilhas lisbon cristo rei
Waiting for Bus 101.

The bus ride to Cristo Rei

The bus ride is a journey on its own. Cacilhas must be a really small town because all the shops and businesses were shut when we were there on a Sunday. There were a few cars moving on the streets and the number of humans on the streets could be counted with my fingers.

Cacilhas lisbon cristo rei
The view is nice – with no humans in the photo..
Cacilhas lisbon cristo rei
All shops were closed.
Cacilhas lisbon cristo rei
The streets were practically empty. .

And we finally got there…

cristo rei statue front
We were greeted by this statue when we arrived. It’s very intriguing.
cristo rei portugal lisbon
Hong Kong students happily taking photos
cristo rei portugal lisbon
Cristo Rei literally welcomes us with open arms. 

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