Photo Story: Top sights along the Route E trail of the Plitvice Lakes (Part 1)

Taking a short trek through the Plitvice Lakes is not difficult, as mentioned in the introductory post on the Plitvice Lakes. The signages are clear and there are a variety of trails to choose from, depending on the time you can spare and your fitness levels.

We selected Route E, as we were due to depart for Split at 4.30pm that very afternoon. Route E had an estimated trekking duration of 2 – 3 hours, and it was a comfortable timing, as we started the trek at 9am.

I would recommend Route E if you’re pressed for time, or have a large family to take care of.

Entrance Gate 2

plitvice lakes entrance 2 route e
There were signages conveniently placed at each turn and bend – it was easy to find our way.
plitvice lakes tram route
A clear sign that we were in the presence ofnature – a bug on the window sill of the tram.
plitvice lakes entrance 2 route e
From Entrance  Gate 2, we had to take a tram to the start point of Route E.
plitvice lakes tram route
The tram can get pretty crowded. Sit on the right if you can. The views are more scenic.
plitvice lakes tram route
The tram was able to fit most of the visitors when we were there. No rush!

Start of Route E

plitvice lakes signages
The starting point of Route E and H. Route H is slightly longer and takes two to three hours more.
plitvice lakes entrance route e
I thought there were many visitors, but later learnt that there were more at Entrance Gate 1.

Walking through the Marshes

plitvice lakes trees water
When I first walked it, I was in awe of the size of the trees.
plitvice lakes walking trails
The walking trails were pretty clear, thankfully.
plitvice lakes clear water
If you need a break from the hectic chaos of everyday life, this is the place for you.
plitvice lakes walking trails
Route E starts comfortably and passes through the marshes.
plitvice lakes marshes
It looks like a slab of dreary plants on top clear water, but the marshes were pretty cool to me.
plitvice lakes clear water
Reflections, and fishes swimming beneath.
plitvice lakes cascading waterfalls
This is quite mind-blowing, one of the top sights along the Route E trail of the Plitvice Lakes.
plitvice lakes calm waters
Seems like a nice watering hole for monkeys, ducks and all sorts of living organisms to congregate. Humans as well.
Plitvice lakes fallen tree trunk
A fallen tree trunk can rise again.
plitvice lakes drainage
Waterfall that drains into the stream below.
plitvice lakes flooded trails
Flooded trails ahead! What they mean to say, is that the path ahead will be submerged in water.
plitvice lakes walking trails
It’s a nice shady path to walk through, just be mindful of the impending pool of water.
plitvice lakes moss rock
Moss covered rock of the Plitvice Lakes
plitvice lakes flooded walking trails
As you can see, prepare to get your shoes wet.
plitvice lakes fallen log
Perspective of a bird perched on a fallen log.
plitvice lakes cascading waterfalls
Waterfalls surround you, near and far.
Plitvice Lakes treetop
A bird’s-eye view: Shrouded by trees, but the lakes still look wonderful.
plitvice lakes element
I’m sleepy, but in my element.

The Mali Prstavac – 18 metres

plitvice lakes mali prstavac waterfall
Plitvice Lake – Mali Prstavac – 18m high. One of the best composed shots of a waterfall I have ever taken.
plitvice lakes mali prstavac waterfall
Mali Prstavac from the higher up- It’s quite a sight to behold.
plitvice lakes mali prstavac waterfall
The cascading falls of Mali Prstavac. The spray made my lens foggy.
plitvice lakes mali prstavac waterfall
Like a never-ending shower.

Galovacki Buk – 16 metres

plitvice lakes galovacki buk
Walking trail near the Galovacki Buk. Love how the surrounding water is turquoise green.
plitvice lakes galovacki buk
Galovacki Buk – 16m high
plitvice lakes fallen trees submerge
This picture looks dull and uninteresting, but there’s some pretty cool ecological processes ongoing.
plitvice Lakes walking trails green water
Fallen tree submerged in clear blue waters.
plitvices lakes reservoir
Huge lake within the Plitvice Lakes – that’s where the ferry comes in.
plitvice lakes ferry
Ferry to the other side… To Be Continued.

The Travelling Squid’s Take

I found the journey from Entrance 2 to the ferry terminal much more delectable. Reason being, we were closer to nature and there were much lesser people around us. I could literally bend down to touch the foamy waters of the cascading falls. It was quite surreal.

But what made the Plitvice Lakes special for me wasn’t the gushing 18m waterfalls, which were majestic and dignified in their own right. It was the little things. The pale green waters, the fallen tree trunks which lay submerged in their beautiful watery graves. The fishes swimming in the clear pools of water, seemingly oblivious to the intricately inter-connected ecosystem around them. The  bright green mossy patches growing on tree trunks, so small and easily glossed over, but yet crucial to the formation of the waterfalls we saw along the way.

* * *

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my journey, as I take the ferry and cross over to the other side.

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