Four great tips for Cheap UK Travel

Four great tips for Cheap UK Travel. Credits:

Travelling through the UK can be an expensive affair given the strong value of the pound. That being said, that should not affect your decision to travel through one of the world’s most cultured cities, London, or take in the natural beauty of the Scottish highlands.

Here are four great tips for Cheap UK Travel – hope they will come in useful as you embark on your journey across the UK.

1. Book early

Anyone that has ever travelled through the UK knows that the cardinal rule for obtaining cheap tickets – be it for the bus, train, or plane – is to book them early. As a blogger on Adventurous Kate shared, “Booking early will nearly always save you money, and booking last-minute will always be exponentially more expensive.”

2. Check budget airlines for extra costs

The UK (and the rest of Europe) operate a plethora of budget aircrafts to make travel throughout the continent more convenient and affordable, but something that you need to watch out for when booking cheap tickets is the fine print. Depending on the carrier, some may quote prices excluding airport tax, EU Levy and service charge. In a study conducted in 2013, British holidaymakers demonstrated their frustration regarding these extra costs and claimed to have been charged with unexpected taxes on many occasions. Some even had to pay additional fees for excess baggage. Understand what you are paying for before you make the purchase to avoid any surprise charges later on.

3. Invest in an Oyster Card

Oyster card cheap UK Travel
Oyster Card – Credits: Frank Murmann

If your itinerary includes London, you should consider purchasing an Oyster Card. Currently 80 percent of Londoners are utilising the Oyster Card for public transportation as it offers discounted fares for the Tube, the bus and railway networks, as well as scheduled river services. A deposit of £5 will be required when you purchase a card, but the good news is that you can return the card before you leave the Greater London area in exchange for a refund. A card for visitors can be purchased at underground station ticket offices. You can also order one online prior to your trip and have it delivered to your home address.

Unfortunately, Oyster Cards cannot be used for the Heathrow Express and for trips on airport express trains that are beyond the scope of the London transportation network. That being said, they can be purchased at airports such as Gatwick, the London airport just outside of the city which is highly regarded for the efficiency of its parking services and flight operations.

4. Tour by bike

UK Cycling Paths
Cycle – it’s a cheap and healthy way to get around. Credits: David Lally via

The National Cycle Network continues to expand every year, with cities across the region building underground routes and improving overall bike infrastructure. Millions of cyclists use the network on a daily basis because it’s free and environmentally friendly. In addition, there are plenty of cycle paths and traffic-free routes that you can bike on while touring. For more information on planning your cycle route, visit

Hope you find these tips useful! Please feel free to share any personal anecdotes or suggestions on travelling cheaply in the UK.

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