Photo Story: Visiting the Jeongbang waterfall in Jeju

Jeongbang waterfall in Jeju
Visiting the Jeongbang waterfall in Jeju

The Jeongbbang waterfall in Jeju, is in my opinion, a very accessible waterfall. I’ve been to several waterfalls in the region, and trips there mostly involved walking through wet, slippery floor paths, or taking arduous hikes. Visiting the Jeongbang waterfall in Jeju was by far, one of the easiest walks to a waterfall. All we had to do was to climb up a flight of stairs, take photos and climb up another flight of stairs in order to reach the rocky area where the waterfall is.

jeongbang waterfall jeju
The waterfall falls onto a small cove, which leads to the ocean.

About the Jeongbang waterfall in Jeju

According to Wikipedia, Jeongbang Waterfall is a famous waterfall on Jeju Island. The waterfall is 23 m (75 ft) high and is very close to the ocean. Depending on the level of recent rainfall, it can be up 8 m (26 ft) wide. The source of the waterfall is the stream Donghong-chun. According to some sources, Jeongbang Waterfall is the only waterfall in Asia that falls directly in the ocean.However, this may be disputed, since its water falls into a sheltered cove rather than straight into the ocean.

The waterfall is one of the three famous waterfalls of Jeju, along with Cheonjiyeon Waterfall (a three-tier waterfall) and Cheonjeyeon Waterfall (which is most popular at night as it is illuminated).

jeongbang waterfall jeju
Kind of relaxing to watch how people were posing with the waterfall as backdrop.

It was fun simply watching how people from all walks of life posed in front of the waterfall. Be careful while walking on the rocks – it can get slippery.

jeongbang waterfall jeju
Rocky beach, from a bird’s-eye view.

Ladies cooking seafood

jeongbang waterfall jeju cooking
Cooking that’s ongoing by the side of the waterfall, possibly of mussels caught nearby.

Some Korean aunties had set up an opening cooking area of sorts, presumably to cook some seafood which had been attached to the rocks. When I tried taking photos of them, I was told to go away. I was quite keen to find out what they were cooking but had to leave after we got shoo-ed away. If you know what’s going, please leave a comment in the box below!

jeongbang waterfall jeju cooking
Looks tasty, but Friend H didn’t want to try it. I suppose for a good reason. 
jeongbang waterfall jeju cooking
No photos! She shoo-ed me away.
jeongbang waterfall jeju
Smoke from a dying fire. Is that a cigarette?

The Travelling Squids Take

If you’re not keen to trek for 2 hours to see a waterfall, the Jeongbang waterfall in Jeju is the perfect place. It takes less than 10mins to hike up, via well paved staircases. Railings are provided at some point too. It’s an easy place to visit with families and the elderly.

After reading descriptions of the Cheonjiyeon Waterfall (a three-tier waterfall) and Cheonjeyeon Waterfall, I now wished that we had visited them, as they seem to be interesting and bigger as well. Have you been to these other waterfalls? Please drop a comment below.

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