Review of Micheon Cave in IIchul Land Jeju

Micheon Cave in IIchul Land Jeju
At the Micheon Cave in IIchul Land Jeju – Mr Ko Bang Yong takes great photos!

The Micheon Cave in IIchul Land Jeju is the park where Running Man was filmed. I’m not a big fan of the series Running Man, but I thought it was a park worth visiting even if you had not watch the series, as the plants, flowers and bushes were well-landscaped.

Micheon Cave IIchul Land Jeju
Love the shot taken at the bridge
Micheon Cave IIchul Land Jeju
The statues are to bring one luck.
Micheon Cave IIchul Land Jeju
It’s a beautiful landscape

The Micheon Cave was where we realised our tour guide Mr Ko Ban Yong had a pretty good eye for photography. He brought us around many scenic spots to take photographs, including a spot through a rock, as well as by the side of a pond. He clapped several times and several koi surfaced. He then asked us to posed by the side of the pond, to take a photo. Some of the shots were really pretty.

Micheon Cave in IIchul Land Jeju
He clapped and the Kois came.
Micheon Cave IIchul Land Jeju
Entrance to Micheon Cave

Micheon Cave

Micheon Cave IIchul Land Jeju
Inside the cave.

Apart from the park, the main attraction was actually the Micheon Cave. It can get rather wet inside, so be careful and avoid any puddles. I didn’t find it particularly interesting. Like the caves I had visited in Halong Bay, the Micheon Cave was lighted up with man-made lights. But I thought this was tastefully done as the lights were a natural faint yellow, unlike the red, blue and green lights that lit up the caves in Halong Bay. There were several sculptures in the cave and that’s about it.

Micheon Cave IIchul Land Jeju
Like how it was shrouded in white light.

The Folk Village

Micheon Cave IIchul Land Jeju folk village
In the Folk village – no one was around.

We also chanced upon a folk village, an attempt at replicating the olden houses of the past. It looked like this other village we had been earlier, just that there were no guides.

Micheon Cave IIchul Land Jeju
Pinwheels – the stuff of childhood

The Travelling Squid’s Take

jeju tour guide ko bang yong
Hope you will find that special rock to take such a photo.

I wasn’t a big fan of the caves, but the park was beautiful. If you had a stressful time at work and want to relax, this would be the place for you. Not much time is required to see everything – it takes no more than an hour. Hope you have fun – and hope you manage to find that special spot, to take a similar photo like the one above.

Micheon Cave in IIchul Land Jeju

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