Review: Suie Field is the best viewpoint for Loch Lomond

suie field loch lomond scotland
The cloud was kinda unexpected and therefore cute.

It was by chance that we discovered one of the best places to view Loch Lomond, after a somewhat bland visit to Loch Lomond Shores. We chanced upon Suie Field only after driving along the highway towards Loch Long. By the side of the highway was a place to park the car, and we took the chance. We had to walk for about five minutes before getting to an opening, which led to the loch. Here’s why I think Suie Field is the best viewpoint for Loch Lomond.

suie field loch lomond scotland
Sometimes, it’s just worth it to stop the car by the side of the road, and visit a loch.
suie field loch lomond scotland
Where our car was parked, alongside a parking space along the highway.

At the Suie Field beach, we met a group of young Scots who offered us some of the booze they were drinking. It was a road trip on a sunny day, and they were on a road trip from Glasgow. It was the best of all days – laughing, chilling, talking. If only such moments would be possible with my friends from Singapore. One of them was also swimming in the loch – which was a tad chilly on a 20 deg summer’s day.

Now at this point, having watched Nat Geo’s Wild documentary on a drowning case, I was rather worried for him. The girl whom we spoke to also said that she heard of someone who had drowned while swimming in the lake. The Scottish Sun reported a similar case recently.

Essentially, we have no idea what goes down in the loch below – there could be strong undercurrents and creatures which may take you down. Or you could have a leg cramp.

So I have to be a prick and say that at this point, while the lake may be wonderous and beautiful, there are hidden dangers that lurk in the water. It’s fine to take a little dip, but avoid going too far out. Before you go in, do a check for warning signs of animals (crocs?) and currents in the water.

suie field loch lomond scotland
This dude was swimming – it was about 20 deg outside – pretty chilly nonetheless.

That said, the swimming dude was pretty happy. Making jokes – he was glad that I took his photo after hearing that I write for a relatively ‘famous blog’. I couldn’t imagine myself swimming in 20 deg weather, but it must have felt really liberating to be swimming under the bright blue sky, in a freshwater lake.

suie field loch lomond scotland
It’s quite beautiful.

At this point, we bid them farewell, as we ventured around the rest of Suie Fields. There was a couple camping, but it was not crowded. The perfect beach to have. I wished I had drunk the water from Loch Lomond. If you observe the sky, you will see that it is completely blue, without a cloud. But just as I was about to snap a picture, a lone cloud drifted into the frame. I seized the moment and took a snap.

suie field loch lomond scotland
It’s a truly beautiful lake. There was an occasional boat that passed by, from anglers I think.
suie field loch lomond scotland
If only we had such lochs to explore here in Singapore.

The Travelling Squid’s Take

Compared to Loch Lomond Shores, the Suie Fields was a large improvement in terms of experience and viewpoint. It also helped that we met a group of friendly Scots, who reminded me of my friends back at home. Thank you for being so welcoming! I daresay our hospitality will probably not extend back to tourists here in Singapore, but it was nice sharing this gentle loch with you.