Photo story: Sunset at the seaside town of Oban

sunset oban seaside town
Sunset at the seaside town of Oban – Nothing like a sunset to bring out emotions in a place.

I took several photos of Oban’s seafront, but the photos taken at sunset striked me as being the most beautiful. Perhaps it was the golden light that gently lit up buildings, adding to their character and stature. Or the light that left the little ripples of water glistening in the setting sun. This is, sunset at the seaside town of Oban.

As Scotland is covered by several lochs, I initially thought that the seaside town of Oban was facing a loch. The fact is, the water that flows into Oban is from the Atlantic Ocean, which is massive. That explains the bountiful seafood harvest which Oban is known for.

oban seafront harbour
Oban’s seafront at normal daylight hours. Calming but not magical.

Oban was one of my favourite towns to visit in Scotland. Not only was there a great selection of affordable seafood and a single malt whisky distiller located right in the middle of town, the feeling of watching the setting sun over the waters of the loch (lake), was just indescribable.

sunset oban seaside town
Boats docked for the day.

The best time to visit the seafront is during sunset. The setting sun paints the sea in a golden glow, while the crowd thins out, into the brick buildings that overlook the Harbour. The fishing boats, vessels used to bring in fresh shrimp, lobsters and oysters have returned home, resting by the dock throughout the night.

sunset oban seaside town
Home sweet home.

Do take note that the seafood shacks along the seafront close early. They are great options for lunch or an afternoon snack. For a sumptuous seafood dinner, head to one of the restaurants in the vicinity.

Sunset at the seaside town of Oban
A swan like creature swims on by, along the ripples.
sunset oban seaside town

The Travelling Squid’s Take

I was very tempted to add in lots of information about Oban in this post. But somehow, sunset photos are somewhat emotive, and instead of wondering about Oban’s significance in geographic and touristic terms, I suggest that you enjoy the pictures. There are details to be looked out for, such as the swan-like creature swimming along the ripples of the calm little cove. It’s Oban at dusk.