Recommended: Having dinner at Ristorante Natalino in Florence

dinner at Ristorante Natalino in Florence
Having dinner at Ristorante Natalino in Florence

We were looking for a place for dinner on our third night in Florence, and came across Ristorante Natalino. So far, our meals in Florence had been great, including our visit to Marlborghetto for pizza. The reviews for Ristorante Natalino were good and we entered. I was pleasantly surprised by the huge fresco on the wall which was a painting of a bridge overlooking a river. It was very 3-dimensional and realistic at the same time. The vegetables and fish looked like they were jutting out from the picture.

dinner at Ristorante Natalino in Florence
Love this fresco – it made me feel like I was overlooking the river.

I was wondering what was the difference between a ristorante and a trattoria. It turns out that based on the description below, a ristorante was supposed to be more formal and its food more expensive. But it wasn’t the case for Ristorante Natalino. The setting was casual and the food prices were average.

dinner at Ristorante Natalino in Florence
Like the little set up of this place.

What is the difference between a ristorante, trattoria and osteria?

In Italy, you’re likely to find these food establishments as you walk around the city. In the past, a ristorante is technically the most formal of the three, which serves finer cuisine. A trattoria can be likened to a family-owned restaurant, serving simpler, casual food. An osteria is a wine bar that has evolved to serve food as well.

Having dinner at Ristorante Natalino in Florence

Wine: Donne Fittipaldi Bolgheri – €28

Donne Fittipaldi Bolgheri Ristorante Natalino in Florence
A bottle of Donne Fittipaldi Bolgheri. It was a pretty good wine.

The label of the Donne Fittipaldi Bolgheri is interesting. It’s a picture of feet being used to step on grapes. It is said to be sanitary because the acid, water and alcohol in wine prevents pathogens from surviving though I am glad this practice has stopped. The wine was a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot, which had body, structure and went well with the red meats we ordered.

Side: Crostini with chicken liver – €6

crositini liver Ristorante Natalino in Florence
Crostini with chicken liver.

The bread and chicken liver was a great match. It was crunchy and went well with the warm, wet texture of the chicken liver. I highly recommend that you order this as a side. It was delicious.

Main: Rabbit Stew with french fries – €16

rabbit with french fries Ristorante Natalino in Florence
Rabbit with french fries

The rabbit stew was very tasty – it was rich in flavour, both from the meat and the sauce made from red wine. However, I must say that the portion was small. You might want to get a side to go with it.

Main: Fresh pasta with meat sauce and mushrooms – €12

pasta ragu Ristorante Natalino in Florence
Fresh pasta with meat sauce and mushrooms

This was quite delicious. The pasta was al-dente and the meat sauce went very well together. I enjoyed the herbs which was sprinkled on top of it.

Side: Spinach

spinach Ristorante Natalino in Florence
Ordered some vegetables as part of our meal.

This was not on the menu and the waiter offered spinach as an option when we requested for some vegetables.

The Travelling Squid’s Take

In general, I enjoyed the food – it was hearty and delicious, and went well with the wine which we ordered. What really stood out for me was the interesting fresco in the restaurant. The restaurant gets quite busy after 7.30pm, so try to go early if you can.


Having dinner at Ristorante Natalino in Florence

  • Address: Borgo degli Albizi, 17/R, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy
  • Phone: +39 055 289404
  • Opening hours: Daily, 12.30pm – 2.30pm/ 6.30pm – 10.30pm
  • Website: