Travel tip: Where to buy affordable souvenirs in Moscow?

Izmailovsky Market Russian dolls
Russian dolls on sale at Izmailovsky Market

Izmailovsky Market

Address: Izmaylovskoye Shosse, Moscow, Russia

How to get there? It’s 10 minute walk from the Partizanskaya metro station. If you stay at the Izmailovo Gamma Delta hotel, you can exit from the back door. Check with the hotel staff for more details.

Opening hours: 9am – 6pm. If you can, go on a weekend where most shops are open.

Izmailovsky Market souvenir shopping
Where to buy affordable souvenirs in Moscow? The Izmailovsky Market, a 10 minute walk from the Partizanskaya metro station

* * *

Buying souvenirs for friends in Russia can be an expensive affair, especially if you’re on a budget of USD80/ SGD100 per day in Moscow.

Nonetheless, after some careful research, we discovered that a 10 min walk away from our hotel was the Izmailovsky Market, which is said to have the best deals for souvenirs. You get a chance at bargaining, a pretty wide variety here. Russian doors, army fur hats, soviet style figurines, medals and badges, mugs, shot glasses, exquisite Russian porcelein jewellery boxes, you name it, you’ve got it. It’s got a pretty good rating ( 4 out of 5 from Tripadvisor too).

Izmailovsky Market souvenir ornaments
Little cute ornaments on sale at Izmailovsky Market
Izmailovskly Market army fur hats
Russian army fur hats for souvenirs?
Izmailovsky Market army gear
All geared up for an Army Winter?

I don’t have many photos, because it was so cold that day and very difficult to pull out a camera. Have listed some of the prices quote based on my recollection.

The starting price for the big Russian dolls (10 piece) go for RUB300 – 400 each (USD10/ SGD13). Depending on the design and artwork, you can try to bargain the price down. I got a 5 piece one for my friend for USD6/ SGD8. (See the picture above for the size).

Russia doll souvenir
Russian doll that I bought for RUB200/ SGD8

Shot glasses are my favourite, and I got a box of six for RUB160 /USD4.7 /SGD6 after a good bargain.

Putin mugs Izmailovsky Market
Putin mugs on sale at Izmailovsky Market

There were also a row of Putin mugs on sale but I didn’t check out the price.

* * *

Bottled fish russia supermarket
Not sure what they are, cos the words are in Russian. Might be pickled fish.

If you’re thinking of buying some Russian foodstuff such as bottled fish roe  back, I suggest you head to a supermarket at a non-touristy area. The prices are much more reasonable. We chanced upon a local supermarket on our way back from the Danilov Monastery, and a bottle of vodka cost some RUB250/USD 8 /SGD10 lesser than what was sold at the supermarket near our hotel at Izmailovo Gamma Delta.

Some pictures below. You don’t have to worry that the fish egg roes will not be able to survive for a 14 hour plane ride, cos mine did for the flight back from Moscow – Guangzhou – Singapore.

canned fish Russian supermarket moscow
If canned tuna and sardines are your ‘thang’, check out a Russian supermarket!

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