Kelapa Luxury Villas – Best Gili Trawangan Accommodation ever!

Kelapa luxury villas gili trawangan coconut plantations
Here’s why our villa is called Kelapa (Coconut) Luxury Villas
*The stay was fully paid for by The Travelling Squid and her five other friends. 

This is a continuation from: Eight Must Dos in Gili Trawangan

To be fair, I have never tried other places of accommodation in Gili Trawangan, but this is the best as it could get. It’s probably the best place I had ever lived in, mainly because it’s unique (unlike the five star hotels) and has the biggest draw – our very own swimming pool.

Villa Senang Kelapa Luxury Villas best gili trawangan accommodation
Villa Senang Kelapa Luxury Villas – Best Gili Trawangan Accommodation ever!

Room Rates

We had booked a 3-bedroom villa for six people. It was a perfect fit, and we ended up paying SGD154/ USD 123 per person for two nights, inclusive of the car transfer from Lombok airport to the Bangkal Ferry Terminal, and then a speedboat to the main island.

According to Kelapa Luxury Villa’s site, the 3 Bed Room villa cost SGD564/ USD450 per night. It cost us SGD485/ USD388 per night when we did the booking via Agoda.

Therefore it’s cheaper to book from Agoda instead. It also cost us SGD47/ USD38 for the car transfer and personal speedboat from Lombok Airport to Gili Trawangan, which works out to be about SGD8/ USD 6.40 person, which is pretty affordable.

gili trawangan horse cart
A horse cart cost about Rp50, 000 to get from the ferry jetty to Kelapa Villas


When we arrived at the jetty of Gili Trawagan, we were put onto the horse carts which took us to the Villa. The horse carts were essential mainly because it’s a 12 minute trot from the ferry terminal to our villa, and I was carrying, or rather my friends were helping me carry a huge suitcase.

Lights along the way to the villa were few and far between. At times, it was so dark that I wasn’t sure how the horse could find his way. Do note that the horse ride is rather bumpy, and you got to hold on tight to the wooden handles.

It takes a 20 minute walk to hit the beach. It took us about an hour to get to Scallywags, a popular seafood restaurant in Gili Trawangan. (In between, we stopped to chat with friends, make bookings with the travel agency and buy groceries.)


kelapa luxury villa king bed
King bed with the view of the swimming pool

The beds were very comfortable. In our three bed-room villa there was two king size beds and one room with two twin beds. The best part of the rooms is that they are less than five steps away from the swimming pool. The door is also made of glass, so you can see the pool when you sleep. Gives an excellent holiday feel.

Kelapa Luxury Villas bedroom gili trawangan
Twin bed room at Kelapa Luxury Villas
kelapa villa toilet bedrooms
Toilet plus sink
kelapa villa shower facilities
Shower facilities in the bedroom

Living Room

Kelapa Villas swimming pool tv
Living room which oversees the pool and the TV

The living room has a very comfortable couch, which is great for just lazing there and watching TV.


There’s a gym and tennis court ready for use. For ideas on how to use the swimming pool, check out an upcoming post of ’10 awesome things to do in a Villa with a private pool’. There are bikes provided at the villa too, though most of them are pretty high, not exactly the right height for short Asian girls like yours truly.

kelapa luxury villas bicycles
Cycling outside our villa. For the vertically challenged like yours truly, the bikes can be quite high!
Gili trawangan walking kelapa villa
Walking can be fun too.

* * *

Our only bugbear is that some of the rooms had insects, and we had to use a towel to chase them out. Towards the wee hours of the night, several flying ants would dot the corridor. There were also gecko and lizard sightings at the ceiling of the living room.  I’m guessing this sort of things can’t be helped, given that the villa is situated near coconut plantations.

Maybe it is also because the living room is an open concept. It did not rain during our time there, and it got me wondering if the rain droplets would come in.

In all, I think a 3 day 2 night stay was sufficient, after all, one cannot get too much of luxury, right?

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