A Christmas Special – The Travelling Squid in 2014

the travelling squid namecard
The Travelling Squid’s Name Card, courtesy of my Friend W

If I could say in a few simple words how The Travelling Squid has fared over this year, I would say that it has grown. From a simple default WordPress site layout, The Travelling Squid has transformed into a site with several pretty awesome pictures and posts. In the words of my Friend W, it’s a blog that she would feel proud telling her friends about.

Several posts on The Travelling Squid such as ‘Seven great reasons to travel with an auditor‘ and ‘Ten necessary traits of an Office BFF‘ have gone viral and I’ve much to thank for the friends who have contributed in one way or another. Be it giving me inspiration for a blogpost, to sharing really great quotes, to helping me understand a particular subject or topic a little better. And to the travelling companions who have been with me on trips, these destinations would have not been the way they are, without you.

The Travelling Squid

The Travelling Squid also received its very first namecard and logo, designed by my Friend W.

I must say that the journey in blogging is never a walk in the park. It’s hard to keep going at times, when you’ve spent a full day working and just want to head home to rest. It can be quite a dampener to see readership figures falling overtime. I wouldn’t be wrong to say that I feel like throwing in the towel sometimes. There are moments when I wonder, who’s going to care and read my blog.

But I realised that blogging isn’t just about quantity and numbers. Yes, that matters a lot in the advertising world, but for now, I’m contented to have that few important people in my life following my blog.

It’s really strange to be putting this out there, but blogging isn’t just about the readers. Readers are very important, but blogging is also about Me. The Travelling Squid is what keeps me going through the mundane trivialities of life. And every ‘like’ or ‘shared’ post gives me a tinge of excitement, a strange sense of satisfaction.

Here, from a little pink room in the North-eastern part of Singapore where the blogging is mostly done from, here’s wishing you, a merry Christmas. Thank you for staying close by, through the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and that occasional ‘What The Hell/ super judgemental’ post.

To my friends who have contributed one way or another to my blog, thank you once again : ) It’s one thing to be writing from the perspective of Phebe Bay, but Phebe Bay is limited by her own experiences. With you, I’ve learnt much along the way. Most importantly, you have helped me see things from a different light.

tut 27 gathering
At the time this was taken, I was 100 steps away, sprinting across Changi Airport Terminal 1.