Review: Hotel Ibis in Barajas Madrid

The stay was fully paid for by The Travelling Squid. 

hotel ibis madrid
Nice comfy bed.

If you’re looking for affordable accommodation in Madrid, the Hotel Ibis in Barajas Madrid is a good option, if you do not mind travelling an hour on the metro to get to the city-centre. Located near the airport, the hotel offers accommodation at very reasonable rates, especially if you will need to get to the airport early the next day.


Hotel Ibis is located a good 10 minutes walk away from the metro station. The not-so-positive aspect is that the path to the metro is built on bricks, hence it makes a really loud and annoying sound when you track your luggage across. The die-heart backpacker (yours truly) was reduced to dragging her newly bought luggage across the pavement at the wee hours of the morning, and it would have bound to wake up nearby residents.

Apart from an unsuitable pavement, the hotel is located near a variety of food options – you can get Chinese food, tapas and even Burger King. There’s a mini-mart right across the hotel, where you can get snacks and mineral water.

hotel ibis madrid
There’s lots of space here…


The rooms were very decent with basic amenities were provided. It was of moderate size, and had the fittings of a basic hotel room. The toilet and bathroom were spacious, and the bed was comfy. In fact, it was slightly larger than the Hotel Quetro Puerta del Sol we stayed at in Madrid, I’m guessing due to the cheaper cost of land from the city centre.

hotel ibis madrid
Nice spacious bathroom.

I liked the soap available in the bathroom – it came from a dispenser, instead of the little bottles you get at hotels. To me, that saved some time trying to open those tiny bottles and balancing them on the soap dish. It also prevents wastage.

hotel ibis madrid
Clean and good.


Hotel Ibis is popular with tour groups, so depending on when you arrive, be prepared to wait for sometime to check in and take the lift up, especially if there is a tour group in front of you. Of all the hotels we had stayed in, Hotel Ibis strikes me as rather efficient, yet a little too commercialised at the same time.

hotel ibis madrid
Hotel Ibis in Barajas Madrid – it’s good value for money.

The Travelling Squid’s Take

If you’re on a budget and need of some decent accommodation in Madrid, Hotel Ibis is the place for you. It costs us about €56/ SGD80 for a stay per night, which is a decent price especially in Madrid. The only downside is that it takes about 45 mins to get to the city centre. Therefore if you’re a student with lots of time on your hands (and less money to spend), Hotel Ibis might be worth a consideration. It is ideal to bring along a backpack, otherwise be prepared to drag your suitcase along the brick pavement of Barajas.

Hope you found this review useful and feel free to drop a comment if you have any questions.

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