Top five things to do in Croatia in July

As mentioned in an earlier post, Croatia was the best piece of travel advice I had received. As a coastal settlement, it is blessed with all the gems nature could offer – the deep blue Adriatic sea, the gushing waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes and white sandy beaches. The architecture found in the ancient cities of Dubrovnik and Split was very impressive too – think intricate Roman structures that brings you back in time – it’s steeped in historical and cultural significance.

When I visited Croatia in July last year, it was summer, the height of the peak travel season. The walls of Dubrovnik were coated in golden light, and the Adriatic sea sparkled in the sun. At the Plitvice Lakes, it was all a healthy green. Even the lakes was green. I fell in love with the longer daylight hours. Sunset was at 9pm, and I had the luxury of time to capture photos in natural light.

So I have listed the top five things to do in Croatia in July – hope you find them useful.

1. Visit the Old Walled City of Dubrovnik

old walled city dubrovnik
It’s worth taking a walk around the ancient walls of Dubrovnik.

According to Unesco, the Old Walled City of Dubrovnik, also known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, was an important Mediterranean sea power from the 13th century onwards. Today, it’s a little town frequented by tourists. To be honest, you will not gain much by simply trotting around the city. Purchase a ticket at HKR80 (SGD 17/ USD12.20) to go right up to the highest city walls – the view is fantastic.

2. Swim in the Adriatic Sea

swimming adriatic sea lapad beach
Take a dip in the Adriatic Sea. It’s nice.

If you can swim, why not go for a dip in the Adriatic Sea? In summer, the waters are cool and clear. I took a dip at a little cove at Lapad Beach and the currents were not strong. Just be careful of the rocks at the bottom of the seabed. They are coated with algae and can be a tad slippery.

3. Taste authentic Croatian seafood at Lokanda Peskarija (Fish Restaurant) in Dubrovnik’s Old Walled City

Lokanda Peskarija dubrovnik old city
Lovely Croatia oysters from Lokanda Peskarija. Yum.

After a long walk around the old fort walls in Dubrovinik, you will find Lokanda Peskarija. It’s located at the ground floor, facing the quay where the yachts dock. The view is amazing, and so is the food. If you’re looking to try some authentic Croatian seafood, Lokanda Peskarija is the place for you.

4. Trek around the Plitvice National Park

plitvice national park croatia
Lovely the waterfalls that cascade down ancient rock formations.

This is my favourite of all sights in Croatia. I’m a nature lover and Plitvice has everything I love – gushing waterfalls, clear green lakes and the sights and smells of nature. Perfect. The trek is easy on the legs and it’s a suitable place to bring kids as well. That being said, there are paths which have been submerged in water – so be prepared for those shoes to get a little wet.

5. Pretend to be Roman emperors at the Diocletian’s Palace in Split

diocletian's palace split restaurants
How not to feel like a high-ranking government official of the Roman Empire?

Diocletian’s Palace reminds me a Roman city, like I’ve been taken back to the era of Asterix and Obelix. The restaurants at Diocletian’s Palace make the effort to go back in time to pamper you, by placing velvety cushions and small tables along the ancient steps. You get the feeling that you’re a high-ranking government official sipping tea, before attending a court session that very morning.

* * *

In all honesty, I haven’t had the opportunity to travel through Croatia that extensively. But I thoroughly enjoyed engaging in these five activities, and I hope you do to.

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Do you have any recommendations of things to do in Croatia? Drop a comment in the section below.

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