Why visiting Croatia was the best piece of travel advice I had ever receive

croatia dubrovnik adriatic sea
Welcome to the Adriatic Sea!

I’m not a big fan of popular tourists destinations. I take pride in venturing into the unexplored, going down the path less travelled. I believe that there will always be something to see and do, no matter how dreary a destination is. That’s why I seldom seek advice when travelling.

That being said, visiting Croatia was the best piece of travel advice I had ever received.

When I asked a colleague M to recommend a destination in Eastern Europe, his immediate response was – Croatia! He spoke of green national parks, the blue sky and crystal clear water – water so clear that you could see the river bed. I thought – why not give it a shot?

plitvice national park croatia
Clear green waters – so clean you could see the river bed.

I wasn’t disappointed. I visited Croatia in the summer and sun rays reflected off the waves of the sea, turning the cove into a thousand sparkling diamonds. The same sun rays also turned the skins of Europeans dark brown, while I struggled to find shade under an umbrella.

It was also my first time swimming in the sea overseas – and boy, it was very good. I found it to be a tad dangerous as I did not have a pair of goggles with me, and was swimming doggy-style the whole time. The thrill of going further kept me going nonetheless.

croatia beach swimming dubrovnik
The best sort of swimming pool – the Adriatic Sea.

Apart from the world’s natural beauties, Croatia had pretty amazing seafood. Think fish, mussels, prawns and oysters. The oysters are unique – they are half the size of the Canadian and Australian ones, and are much saltier.

While I didn’t have much of a chance to interact with the Croatian people due to language barriers, Croatia had so much to offer. In the posts to come, I will talk at length about my experiences. Watch this space.

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