Photo Story: Top sights along the Route E trail of the Plitvice Lakes (Part 2)

In the previous post ‘Photo Story: Top sights along the Route E trail of the Plitvice Lakes (Part 1)‘, I said that it was the small things that made the Plitvice Lakes meaningful for me. The green moss growing on tree trunks, the oblivious, carefree fish and the fallen tree trunks in their green, watery graves.

But the lower lakes gave me a bigger picture of what the Plitvice is about. An intricate system of interconnecting falls, coming together to form a symphony of natural elements coming together.

Here is a continuation from the first post. From Entrance Gate 2, it’s an hour’s walk to the ferry terminal. On to the other side of the lakes.

The Ferry Terminal and Rest Stop

Plitvice Lakes ferry terminal
The ferry terminal. Do try to get seats by the side, if you’re keen to take photos.
Plitvice Lakes ferry terminal
A ferry approaching from faraway.
Plitvice Lakes ferry terminal
Probably the rare man-made fixture of the Plitvice Lakes.


plitvice lakes resting point
The resting point for you to have a snack.
plitvice lakes marshes
A change in landscape.
plitvice lakes gushing waterfalls
Spying from behind the trees.
plitvice lakes foamy water
Holding still, in spite of the gushing water.
plitvice lakes gushing waterfalls
Waterfalls, from far.
plitvice lakes green water
Green pool of water amid huge rocks.

Slapovi Milke Trnine – 6 m

plitvice lakes slapovi milke trnine
Slapovi Milke Trnine. It’s 6m high but very broad.
plitvice lakes green pools water
You have to admit, this pool of water is really green.
plitvice lakes mountains
Love it how the green parts because of reflection from the mountains.
plitvice lakes fishes green water
The fishes. How carefree they are!
plitvice lakes fishes green water
A fallen plant, rarely disturbs the surface of the water.

Veliki Slap at 78m, also known as the ‘Big Waterfall’

highest waterfall plitvice lakes Veliki slap
The waterfalls are all interconnected. It’s pretty cool to see how they come together.
highest waterfall plitvice lakes Veliki slap
Welcome to the highest waterfall of Plitvice Lakes – the Veliki Slap, also known as Big Waterfall at 78 m.
highest waterfall plitvice lakes Veliki slap
It’s so tall, with interconnected mini-falls below.
highest waterfall plitvice lakes Veliki slap
The multi-layered Veliki Slap. Very interesting.

Lunch near Entrance Gate 1

Restaurants near Entrance Gate 1 were closed for renovation, therefore the burger/ fried food joint was doing a brisk business when we were there. They sold an assortment of fries, burgers and nuggets. Unhealthy, yet crispy, good fried park food. : )

buffet slap plitvice lakes lunch eatery
Buffet slap? Slap is a Croatian word for waterfall. : )
hamburgers lunch plitvice lakes entrance 1
Hamburgers and fries for lunch as the other restaurants at Entrance 1 were closed for renovation.
hamburgers lunch plitvice lakes entrance 1
It was very interesting, observing the elderly gentleman in front of me.
trekking plitvice lakes shoes
State of my shoes after the trek. You may be asking yourself… Pink shoes and blue jeans?

The Velike Kaskade

Velike Kaskade plitvice lakes
Every step I take, the view of the Velike Kaskade changes.
Velike Kaskade plitvice lakes.
Overlooking the Velike Kaskade, at the lower lakes.
Velike Kaskade plitvice lakes
Like how the green azure waters serve as a good backdrop to showcase the leaf patterns.
plitvice lakes visitors kid
Caught up with a toy to enjoy the lakes.

The Travelling Squid’s Take

If the Upper Lakes brought me closer to the inhabitants of Plitvice Lakes, the Lower Lakes allowed me to see the bigger picture. How each waterfall, however awe-inspiring it is, has its role to play as part of the wider drainage system of the Plitvice Lakes.

My favourite photo? It was the one of the plants holding firm in the midst of the gushing waterfall.

Hope you enjoyed this series on the Plitvice Lakes!

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