Review of Avora Hotel in Danang – of good value

avora hotel danang good accommodation
The wonders of a curved screen TV.

Due to the unfortunate Bali Airport closure which we were caught in, we arrived in Vietnam a day later, and I was glad that the hotel had held our reservation. Friend S had booked us one of the best rooms in the hotel, The Grand Suite, as it was not too expensive. It set us back by about $52.50 a day, which was a really a good price. (We wouldn’t have got that price for a big hotel chain.) There are limited rooms in the hotel, so make sure you book early. Here’s a review of the Avora Hotel in Danang:


Danang in Vietnam worth a visit han river
Han River – view from our hotel room.

Transport in Danang is affordable – just call for an Uber. You can pay the driver in local currency, if you wish to avoid the credit card conversion rate. Avora Hotel is located near the Han River, and is walking distance to a bridge (which is shaped like a dragon). It is also walking distance to many cafes, bars and food stalls. It is a 15 minute car ride to the airport, on a day with good traffic.

The Room

avora hotel danang good accommodation
Nice comfy bed

I’ll recommend you to book the Grand Suite as it was very comfortable, and in my opinion, good value in terms of the price. The bed was comfortable, the view of the Han River was great, and there were two arm chairs by the side of the window, allowing you to take in the scenery while having a cup of coffee.

Review of Avora Hotel in Danang
Chairs to take in the view.

My favourite was the curved-screen TV. Friend S brought a Chrome-cast, so we could watch Netflix on the TV – it was great to watch the BBC nature documentaries on that TV. There were also complementary bottles of mineral water and instant G7 coffee packs for each day.

The Bathroom

avora hotel danang good accommodation
The ledge by the side of the bathtub collects water.

I didn’t think the bathroom was well designed, because when you shower, the water would accumulate on the sides of the bath tub. That made the toilet quite wet. But other than that, all the other facilities were in order.

avora hotel danang good accommodation
Rest of the toilet was up to scratch.

The Breakfast

avora hotel danang breakfast
The bean sprouts are super long here. Pho – was only available on the first day.

The hotel’s breakfast is pretty hearty if you wake up early. (The supplies tend to run low closer to the end of the breakfast hour.) We had breakfast at the hotel for two days, and pho was only available on one day. Like most hotel breakfasts, the chefs can cooked eggs to your preference. Do try the Vietnamese rice cake – it’s pretty good! The rest was all standard fare.

avora hotel danang breakfast
The dining area – looks quite fancy (but it isn’t).
avora hotel danang breakfast
Pretty standard fare.
avora hotel danang breakfast
Omelette of your choice.
avora hotel danang breakfast
Do try the Vietnamese rice cakes! It’s pretty good if you’re into the fish-sauce sort of concept.

The Travelling Squid’s Take

Hope you found this review of Avora Hotel in Danang useful. As mentioned, it’s good value for money, despite it not being a well-known hotel chain or group like the Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) loyalty program. But in a place like Vietnam, the last thing I want to do is to stay in a resort all day, enjoying the facilities but not stepping out to see the sights. (The resorts we passed by were located quite far away from the city center.) When I travel, I want to see how the city is like to locals. I want to, in most cases, eat local and drink local. In that respect, Avora Hotel is situated in the best location for that.

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