Visit Pho 29 for good noodle soup in Danang

pho 29 hanoi danang
Quaint little shophouse. There was only a young boy cooking.

If you’re looking to satisfy your pho-craving, do visit Pho 29 for good noodle soup in Danang. It’s a little local restaurant located on the same street (Tran Quoc Toan) as the steamboat place we visited the night before. For those who are new to Vietnamese cuisine, pho is a silky white noodle soup dish in a light chicken broth with bits of beef and vegetables in it.

pho 29 hanoi danang
The menu of Pho 29 in Danang. (Quite a straightforward menu.)

The shop

When we got there, there was a bunch of Korean tourists sitting outside. There were at least eight of them, and they took pretty long to order. Friend S and I quickly put in our orders, with the hope of beating the queue.

pho 29 hanoi danang
It seems that the second floor leads to the owners’ home.

Only one teenage boy was manning the place and he was multi-tasking really well. First he prepared the pho, then went on to fry rice and then collected money. In the first picture, he is seen making a phone-call, probably in a bid to get manpower reinforcements. Perhaps, the Korean tourist group came out of the blue, and the shop-owner was not used to serving that many customers at this early hour.

The Pho

Pho 29 for good noodle soup in Danang
If I remembered correctly, this was the flank soup.

The pho was delicious. The soup was flavourful, the herbs used were spot on and they included the extras by the side – a wedge of lime to give the dish an acidic note and chopped up chilli padi. The beef was not over-cooked. Friend S’ special combination looked really tempting too, with the meat balls and other beef related parts like the tripe. I liked how the chef was generous with the helping of spring onions.

pho 29 hanoi danang
This was the special combination. As tasty as it looks

The Travelling Squid’s Take

If you’re looking for breakfast or lunch options, I’ll recommend that you visit Pho 29 for good noodle soup in Danang. It can get quite busy as it is popular with both locals and tourists. Do head there early if you can. I can still recall that until this day, I left the shop feeling very satisfied, and pleased with the idea that it cost less than SGD3 for a hearty bowl of noodles.