Recommended: Having gelato at Gelateria dei Neri in Florence

gelateria del neri florence
I ordered a medium sized gelato and could not finish it.

I have heard about the famed Gelato since young, and took the chance to try it during my recent trip to Italy. This dessert is great after a mid-day meal, or even a meal of Florentine Steak (Bistecca alla Fiorentina). Of all the gelato places I tried in Italy, the gelato at Gelateria dei Neri in Florence was the best, I’m guessing because of its traditional gelato-making techniques since 1989. It didn’t have a huge variety of flavours but the traditional flavours of pistachio, vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut and fior-di-latte (milk) was good enough for me.

gelato at Gelateria dei Neri in Florence
Having gelato at Gelateria dei Neri in Florence

While gelato may be denser and heavier, it has a lower fat content than ice-cream. That said, please don’t mistaken gelato to be a healthier alternative to ice-cream. It really depends as the sugar content in gelato can be much higher. The sobering health stuff aside, here’s our experience having gelato at Gelateria dei Neri in Florence.

There were a variety of flavours but I wanted to try the more traditional gelato flavours like pistachio, chocolate and hazelnut. You are only allowed to try one flavour, so be careful with your choice. I tried the fior-di-latte and it did not quite make an impression. S and I both got dark chocolate and we had pistachio and hazelnut in separate cones.

gelateria del neri florence
Gelateria Del Neri in Florence

I can appreciate gelato for its smooth texture and deep, intense flavour, but the denseness got to me after awhile. I typically don’t feel full after one scoop of ice-cream, but I got to say that this was a tad cloying after I was halfway done with the two scopes of my €4 cone. I was glad that I had it in a cone, as the cone provided some texture to the gelato that I was eating.

The Travelling Squid’s Take

If you’re new to gelato, I suggest that you try having a small portion of traditional flavours first, before moving on to try bigger portions and new flavours. The gelato at Gelateria dei Neri in Florence was quite amazing – do give it a try while you are there!


Having gelato at Gelateria dei Neri in Florence