Saturday Special – What is your dream wedding?

Wedding kissing
What is your dream wedding? With credits:

Wedding planning. If you’re about to get married, the two words will evoke some strange sort of emotion in you – stress, sleepless nights, anger, frustration and of course not forgetting the joy and happiness when you try out your first wedding gown, or see your loved one in one.

I’ve seen friends stress over flower arrangements at the event hall (they were all white lilies -gasp!), fretting over that obnoxious wedding photographer (of celebrity standards), trying to get everything in order, just nice for that perfect day.

Then I chanced upon a Facebook post by an ex-classmate who is in the midst of wedding planning. And I found it to be very meaningful. If you’re about to get married now, later or in the far future, I hope you could take a moment to read this.

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Mid-wedding planning thought – What is your dream wedding? 

wedding location
A dream wedding is about… finding the best location? With credits:

A dream wedding is about…

Finding the best gown that you look prettiest in,

Haggling for the most amount of freebies you can get from the bridal studio,

Getting hold of the best photographer,

Taking the prettiest wedding photos,

Engaging the best make up artist,

Using the most classy of all paper types to print your wedding invitation on, and

Searching up and down for the best place to have your banquet.

It’s about inviting all the right people,

Coming up with the most creative guestbook and

Food tasting until you find the best dishes to serve during the wedding.

Essentially making sure that everything goes the way it should be, right to the smallest detail.

wedding card
Finding the best wedding card. With credits:

Basically just outdo-ing all the other weddings you have ever encountered in every way possible.

At least that’s what people think a dream wedding should be. (Some may deny it, but they do act like it.^^)

A wedding is not the end, but a new beginning. With credits:

It’s easy to get carried away by details like that. Things like trying to figure out which invitation card paper looks prettier, or which photo has the best angle. I get carried away sometimes too. It’s even easier to miss The Silent One who always sit by your side, getting bored by the avalanche of details of the wedding, wondering why do they matter in the first place. And sometimes even wondering why he has to quarrel with you about them. 


I want a dream wedding that is only about him, me, and God.

I want to have that till I walk down that aisle, and carry that over to our life together after the wedding.

That is what I call, a dream wedding.

The Travelling Squid would like to thank her ex-classmate for her contribution. : )

What is your dream wedding? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.