Seven great stops along the Lisbon Tram 28 Route

tram 28 lisbon route
Stops along the Lisbon Tram 28 Route

Tram 28, the whimsical little yellow tram is a rather interesting little mobile centrepiece of Lisbon. Despite its reputation for being a tad touristy, a ride on Tram 28 brings you back in time, as you traverse Lisbon’s rolling cobble-stone streets on the wooden tram with its signature ringing bell.

tram 28 lisbon route
Apart from sights, the view is pretty awesome too.

The experience aside, Tram 28 brings you to some very important sights in Lisbon. Unless you’re keen on toning those calf muscles by hiking up the meandering slopes, it’s a relatively faster way to get to these attractions.

It costs approximately €2 for a one way ticket. Therefore, it’s much more worth it to get the 24hr pass for €6. You can use it for the metro and buses too.

The stops along the Lisbon Tram 28 Route have a certain allure and charm about them. If you have the time, take the chance to explore every one of them – you may find some hidden gems.

For those looking at when to get on and off, the full list of tram stops have been included at the back of this post.

Here are seven great stops along the Lisbon Tram 28 Route, which you absolutely have to check out if you have the time.

tram 28 lisbon route
Taking Tram 28 from the heart of Lisbon.

1. Waiting to depart at Martin Moniz

tram 28 lisbon route long wait
Be there early. Long queues had formed at 10.30am.

You can get to the iconic tram’s starting point quite easily, as Martim Moniz has its own station on the Green Line of the Lisbon Metro. The station is located at the Martim Moniz Square.
If you’re planning just a day trip in Lisbon, a taxi from the airport could get you there early (left luggage is available at the airport).

When we arrived at Martin Moniz at 10.30am on a Sunday morning, a long queue had already formed. We waited for about 45 minutes before we boarded the third tram. Each tram can fit about 30 people. There were trams which were parked nearby. They appeared to be following a strict schedule. Even though they were available, they continued to be parked at the specific area and only set off after 15 minute intervals. Therefore, be prepared to Wait.

tram 28 lisbon route
Parking, even though it is empty and there is a long queue!

2. Graça – Miradoura Da Graça (Viewpoint)

graca lisbon viewpoint
The viewpoint from Graca, looks very tempting. With credits:

For great views of brown Lisbon rooftops, you may wish to stop at Graça. Take note that this is the 9th stop, instead of the one in front of it, Rua de Graça. According to reviews on Tripadvisor, it has stunning views and a nice outdoor cafe to take in the city. Makes a great place for capturing Lisbon from afar.

3. Portas Sol (Alfama District) – Gate to the Sun

Another viewpoint? It’s slightly different. And there’s more beer! With credits:

For the non-Portuguese speaking, the stop ‘Portas do Sol’ means Gates to the Sun. Similar to Miradoura Da Graça, it serves as a great viewpoint of the city, and comes with a coffee bar and restaurant.

The views overlook the Alfama rooftop and Tagus River. According to The Lisbon Connection, it makes a great chillout place once you have completed your visit of São Jorge Castle.

saint vincent portas del sol
Statue of Saint Vincent. With credits: Paul Murray @ Flickr

When you’re there, do lookout for the Statue of São (Saint) Vincent. He is holding a boat with two ravens, the symbols of Lisbon. Saint Vincent is also the patron saint of Lisbon. (In case you, like me needs the definition of a patron Saint, it means ‘the protecting Saint of a place’).

With credits: The Lisbon Connection 

4. Sé – Lisbon Cathedral/ Santo António Church and Castelo de São Jorge

lisbon cathedral tram 28
At the Sé stop, you will see the Lisbon Cathedral
st antonio church lisbon
And the Santo António Church. Don’t get mixed up between the two!

From the Sé stop, you can visit the Santo António Church, which is a 30 second walk away. Most people stop here and walk over to Castelo de São Jorge. It’s a 10 minute walk. A post on how to get there is coming up soon. The road is formed by undulated slopes, so be sure to wear comfy shoes!

5. Chiado (Metro)

Check out what this elegant neighbour of Chiado has to offer. With credits:

According to, Chiado is the elegant neighbour of Baixa (downtown Lisbon). Home to several upscale restaurants, bookshops, boutique stores and hotels, Chiado allows you to wonder along leisurely, before taking the metro to your next destination. For more information on Chiado, Go Lisbon has an extensive write-up on the sights and food there.

6. Estrela (Basílica) – Estrela Park

Estrela park lisboa
Chill out at Estrela Park in Lisboa, after a monument-overload.
With credits:

If you’re into parks and gardens, the Estrela Park is one of the best in Lisbon. According to Go Lisbon, it’s a favourite with families. There are exotic plants and trees, a small duck-dotted lake, various sculptures and a children’s playground. The pond-side cafe is a good place for a break.

With credits: Go Lisbon

7. Campo Ourique (Prazeres) – Cemetery of Pleasures

The Cemetery of Pleasures makes for an interesting place to spend the time. With credits:

If you’re spending a few weeks in Lisbon (and are really into Portuguese history and culture), the Cemetery of Pleasures would be an ideal place to visit. The cemetery is home to famous Portuguese personalities including actors, singers, writers, painters and television presenters. Unfortunately for fans of fado (a genre of Portuguese music), the mortal remains of famous music artiste Amália Rodrigues were transferred to the National Pantheon in Lisbon (under enormous pressure from her admirers). You can visit The Lisbon Connection for more information and pictures.

* * *

Hope you enjoyed the seven great stops along the Lisbon Tram 28 Route. Please drop a comment on your experiences visiting them. As promised, the list of tram stops have been included here below. Have fun!

* * *

List of tram stops along the Lisbon Tram 28 Route


  1. Martim Moniz

  2. Palma (Metro)
  3. Igreja Anjos
  4. Maria Andrade
  5. Maria Fonte
  6. Angelina Vidal
  7. Sapadores
  8. R. Graça
  9. Graça – Graca Church/ Miradoura Da Graca (Viewpoint)

  10. Voz Operário
  11. Cç. S. Vicente
  12. Escolas Gerais
  13. Portas Sol (Alfama District)

  14. Miradouro Sta. Luzia
  15. Limoeiro
  16. Sé – Santo António Church/ Castelo de São Jorge

  17. Conceição
  18. Academia Nacional Belas Artes
  19. Vitor Cordon / R. Serpa Pinto
  20. Chiado (Metro)

  21. Pç. Luis Camões (Metro)
  22. Calhariz (Bica)
  23. Catarina
  24. Cç. Combro
  25. Poiais S. Bento
  26. S. Bento / Cç. Estrela
  27. Cç. Estrela / R. Borges Carneiro
  28. Cç. Estrela / R. Dr. Teófilo Braga
  29. Estrela (Basílica)

  30. Estrela – R. Domingos Sequeira
  31. Domingos Sequeira
  32. Saraiva Carvalho
  33. Igreja Sto. Condestável
  34. Campo Ourique (Prazeres)

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