About The Travelling Squid

About The Travelling Squid

In case you’re wondering why this blog is named after a Squid, here’s why.  In the Malay language, “Sotong” is the word for squid. And according to the Coxford Singlish dictionary (I’m Singaporean), “sotong” is used to describe someone as rather inept or in a world of his own. Presumably, it comes from the squid’s emission of a cloud of ink, hence the popular phrase, “blur like sotong.”

And that’s how I would describe myself, when I first started travelling in Jun 2009 and survived a 6 month long trip to India. I then travelled the world, sometimes alone and sometimes with friends. There are many things I learnt the hard way due to inexperience, from getting a brain freeze after washing my hair in negative temperatures in Kashmir, to improvising socks for gloves in the cold winter’s day of Vietnam, or being a bed bug victim after a solo trip to India.

I am in no position to give expert advice about travelling, but I believe everyone can and should travel. Be it in groups or even alone. You may have a bad sense of direction (me!), a low EQ, or may be a stickler for cleanliness and hygiene but as long as you have some common sense, (and wads of local currency), you should be able to survive.

Travelling brings you closer with (and sometimes further apart from) your companions and even helps you build friendships across the world. But most importantly, it brings a lot more meaning to the little lives we have grown so accustomed to.

The seasoned traveller will know, that travelling teaches us about humility, graciousness and patience, and cannot be taught through any top corporate training programmes or incentive trips.

I hope the tips and tricks section will help you with your travelling plans. I have also shared a couple of tales – some good, some bad, and some just plain hilarious.

Travelling awakens the dreamers, thinkers and believers in us. And I hope The Travelling Squid can help you do that, in some way or another.

Happy travels!



P.S) If you’re wondering what’s the significance of the date ’19 June 2009′ on the logo, it’s the date when I first arrived in India. And that started off, a lifetime of travelling. :)

To contact me, please email phebe@thetravellingsquid.com

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