Six great alternate weekend activities in Singapore

Eavesdropped on someone’s lunch time conversation today, and it was about Facebook postings of a cup of latte and food on a weekend. A colleague commented that week after week, she would see a flurry of related brunch posts her wall. Usually, it goes with the hash tag #food porn and the captions are along the lines of “have a lovely time with XX @ XX cafe…”  I have to agree.

I love brunches, but I think there’s got to be alternatives, different ways to use the weekend, than to spend it at cafe after cafe. I am the more outdoory type, so I hereby came up with six great alternate weekend activities in Singapore, to be spent with utmost satisfaction.

1. Cook, for the family, or your beloved.

I know it is easier said than done, but the little small dishes in brunch are the easiest to make. Simply warm up some croissants, stir fry some butter mushrooms and bacon, and poach an egg – you get a Breakfast platter. The latte and coffee art may be more difficult to replicate, but you can close one eye, or run to Starbucks. You can always have fruit juice too.

For the adventurous, have you hand at a smoked salmon poached egg sandwich. You would need thick toast for this and the ingredients can be bought at a Cold Storage near you.

2. Go camping

Singapore may be a tad warm, but camping at the beach front may just be the perfect outdoor activity. Have a barbeque, bring along some food and a book to read!

3. Go to the market, and eat Mi Fen (Bee Hoon) with Chicken Wing

Seriously, this is also quite shiok. Have it with egg, chicken wing and fish cake. Finish it off with a cup of Kopi-Gao.

Fried beehoon with cabbage and chicken wing
Fried beehoon with cabbage and chicken wing Source:

4. Go for a morning walk/ run at a park connector near you

This activity has the most health benefits. What better way to kickstart the day than with a fulfilling fat dissolving run? You can tuck into a big breakfast after that without feeling guilty, or go back to bed (that’s me).

Climbing Bukit Timah hill. Source:
Climbing Bukit Timah hill. Source:

5. Climb Bukit Timah hill

This is what my group of friends intend to do the week after next. Wonder how that will turn out, but it sounds healthy enough!

Pools are usually filled! Source:
Pools are usually filled! Source:

5. Go for a Swim

Swimming is another healthy activity, just that in Singapore you tend to turn brown very fast. If you don’t mind the sun, pop into the pool before anyone else comes along. In public pools, be sure to come early to avoid the crowd (tons of little kids learning how to swim).

6. Cuddle up in bed, watch TV, and order Big Breakfast from McDonald’s

Macdonalds Big breakfast
Macdonalds Big breakfast – With Credits:

There’s a term for this. Just NUA.


There are loads of ways to kickstart your weekend in Singapore and these are just a few alternatives. Try them out, and let me know how it goes. 😉 Feel free to suggest more ideas too!