Trans Siberian Tales – Getting strangled by a Russian kid, Jee-ma

Gold hair and blue eyes

Back on track with the narrative. This is a continuation from: Trans Siberian Tips – Planning to poo on a train toilet

I have never considered myself to be a big fan of kids.

I think some of them are quite cute, but in general they are noisy and like to anyhow poo. Race and nationality aside, I seem to be “fated” to meet little kids on the train, be it in China, and even in Russia, on the Trans Siberian. In all honesty, I found this little golden haired, blue eyed Russian kid quite charming, until he started crying at 7am in the morning and running around haphazardly with his red colour marker – which resulted in a stain on my light blue Zara jeans.

If you are wondering why the little one called Jee Ma, it’s because everyone on the train calls him that. I don’t think that’s his name, but it could be a Russian affectionate term for “dear”, “baby” or “child”. If you know what Jee Ma means, please let me know.

He’s quite big for his age – if you look at the photos he is only two. I’ll let the photos tell the story. It was quite a fun part of the journey and pretty dramatic, though nothing like the story of the two drunk Russian men.

Russian boy Trans Siberian train kids
Meet Jee Ma, with his grandmother. My travelling companion says she’s his mother but I think not!
Russian boy Trans Siberian train kids
Looks like a good boy at first
Russian boy Trans Siberian train kids
Then he does a headstand – a hip hop dancer in the making. See the red ink drops from his marker on his pants!
Jee Ma and his sister (or mother?)
Hi Jee-ma, the uncle says. How are you?
He replies with some baby language. The next moment he starts tickling the uncle

* * *

I innocently smiled at him.
Then he tries to twist my head
And strangle my neck
I thought we had made peace
I looked at him…
And he is all over me again..
Why you like that? I asked him.
He makes baby sounds and goes for my neck again
A potential wife beater
Friends again 🙂


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