Travelling Mistake No #26 – Never drink too much the night before a flight

bali breakfast mcdonalds
Two cups of milo, three cups of coffee and a Chicken McMuffin for breakfast

This is a continuation from the post on the top 25 travelling mistakes to make before you turn 35.

* * *

It’s 12pm and my stomach is churning. I feel uneasy. I try to suck my tummy in, hoping that the discomfort will go away. I shifted my gaze elsewhere. The baggage plastic wrap system next to the waiting seats at Ngurah International Airport does me no help – it spins round and round, causing the poor tired brain to be even more confused.

My friends are on a Jetstar flight on the way home. My flight is due to leave in about 3 hours time. They have left me a McDonald’s breakfast comprising a Chicken McMuffin, two cups of Milo and three cups of Coffee. There was no time to consume these drinks as they were in the hurry to catch the flight.

Coffee is a mut-have in the morning but when I stared at the three cups, I felt nauseous. The Milo did help to quench the thirst of a dry throat. It’s not the best I have tasted, but good nonetheless. I feel much more alert after having the Chicken McMuffin.

Then a sharp pain runs through my abdomen. I heave a sign, knowing that it’s time to go. I pray hard that the toilet will be clean, and there will be toilet paper available. In my experience with airports in South East Asia, it is usually not the case.

But Ngurah Rai International Airport does not disappoint. After parking my luggage at the side, I sprinted into the well cleaned toilet. Ah! Ooh! I feel much better after a bout of gas and unknown substances comes wheezing out. But the bloated feeling remains. Thankfully there is soap in the dispenser.

I returned to the waiting area, thanking the heavens that my flight was much later. I couldn’t imagine being on the flight with a terrible stomach ache. Especially when  the plane is taking off, or if there was air turbulence.

I logged on to the airport’s wi-fi, surfing Facebook and Instagram, trying to distract myself for the discomfort. I feel slightly better.

But at 1pm, a pain flits through my abdomen, it’s much manageable this time but I know it’s the sign of a need to rush to the loo. And I go. It’s not the best feeling in the world, but at least, the toilet is clean. Once again, I thank my lucky stars that I was not on the plane yet.

I emerged successful, feeling much better and more like my usual self. It’s a lesson, and an important one indeed. Never drink too much the night before a flight, especially if the flight is early in the morning.

(The diarrhea continues even after the next day, but the stomach feels much better now.) It’s one of those travelling mistake that I probably wouldn’t be making, anytime soon.

stomach ache on the plane
Learning it the hard way – Never drink too much the night before a flight