Is Oban worth visiting? Four things to do in Oban

If you’re planning on driving to Glencoe from Loch Lommond, Oban is worth a stop along the way, even though it’s just for a day. Oban is a small seaside town, brimming with the pleasures life can offer. From fresh seafood, good whisky and a bustling seafront, it’s a good place if you’re looking for a quick getaway over the weekend, or some respite from a long trip. Is Oban worth visiting? I cannot help but give a resounding yes.

Here are four things to do in Oban:

1. Have a great seafood meal – oysters, lobsters and mussels.

I’d encourage you to visit the Oban Seafood Hut. Bring more cash than what you would normally keep with you because the lobsters and oysters are pretty awesome. Bring some wet wipes as well. The restaurant in Oban served pretty good seafood too.

2. Visit the lovely little whisky distiller in the center of town

Even if you’re not a whisky fan, do head down to the Oban distillery for a visit. You may not choose to go for the tour, but do consider having a ‘wee dram’ at Oban’s very own bar.

3. Have a stay at the Ranald Hotel in Oban

I encourage you to stay at the Ranald Hotel – the rooms were comfy, service was excellent, and the breakfast – exceeding expectations : )

4. Watch sunsets by the harbour

If you have a chance,  do try to catch a sunset by the harbour. For some reason, under the warm glow of the setting sun, the harbour exudes a nostalgic charm. Of how the town was like years ago, and how it is now.

The Travelling Squid’s Take

Is Oban worth visiting? I’d say if you have the time, why not. There’s not much physically exertion to contend with in this place. Just a super chill getaway. If fact, I’d say Oban pampers the heart, body and mind of a traveller, and prepares your mind and spirit to tackle the Glens of Scotland. Enjoy.