Shopping at a Russian supermarket in Moscow

Russian supermarket
A Russian supermarket – sells everything from cooked food to wine, to grocery items.

This is a continuation from my previous post on: A Recommendation: Affordable accommodation in Moscow, Izmailovo Gamma Delta

There was a supermarket near our hotel at Izmailovo Gamma Delta near the Partizanskaya metro station, a 25 minute train ride from the city. It made things really convenient for us, as we could get ready-to-eat hot food there for breakfast. We tried an eggplant and chicken leg which was nice, though I thought the rice was a little stale and oily.

The selection is items were quite interesting and very wide, though the prices are slightly higher than what you would find in an Asian country. I would say, it’s on par with prices in other European countries. Check out the pictures below!

Russian supermarket wine
A wine lover’s delight. Prices are on the high side as it’s a stone’s throw away from the hotels.
russian supermarket beer
Draft beer for sale too!
russian supermarket sausage
Lots of Russian sausages. Not sure if they are yummy or not
Russian supermarket kebab
Kebab type of thing we ate at the Russian Supermarket
Eggplant with cheese
Love the eggplant with cheese concoction
Russian supermarket fried food
Fried food FTW!
Russian supermarket rice
Dubious looking rice
Russian supermarket meatballs
Russia is the place for meatballs
Kebab stall – looks fancy
Russian supermarket kebab store
Assortment of pickles and kebabs on sale
Russian supermarket turkish bbq meat
Turkish bbq meat
Russian supermarket cooked rice
Don’t eat the rice! It’s probably been there for days

I’d say, they have got pretty much covered in the areas of food. As for non-food items, it’s best you head to somewhere else. There were some nail clippers/ bottles of shampoo on sale, but no one was tending to that area. It looked like ages since anyone had bought a non-food item from there.

Have you ever shopped in a Russian supermarket in Moscow? Do share your experience!

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