The Travelling Squid: Sense & Style

trench coat phebe bay
Sense & Style: That’s the most fashionable I could manage, in Seoul.

Throughout my backpacking trips across Asia, I used to think that style didn’t matter when it comes to travelling. All my bags and clothes were brought on trips because of function – think light cotton shirts (because they dry easily), cheap cotton shorts (because I wouldn’t mind if they got dirty) and slippers (because they dry fast when in contact with water).

So when I visited Seoul, one of the most fashion-forward capitals in Asia, I found myself to be extremely under-dressed. Fashionable Korean girls were strutting around in their trench coats and high leather boots, and I was well, in a T-shirt with a black skirt and stockings to match.

That’s why I decided to start the Sense & Style section – to help bona fide travellers dress appropriately when they travel, and not look like a FOB (Fresh-Off-The-Boat) when they arrive at a new city.

The first of the series ‘Sense & Style’, we speak to the founder of Maxwell Scott Bags, William Forshaw who tells us what to look out for in a leather travelling bag. Stay tuned!

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