7 things to know about Spanish weddings

spanish wedding ourense
7 things to know about Spanish weddings

When I attended my first Spanish wedding in August last year, it was a real eye-opener. Friend W had briefed me on the dress code and what to expect , but no amount of briefs could prepare me for what was about to happen that day.

spanish wedding ourense
The ban playing traditional songs.

 A rough programme of what happened:

  1. Based on the wedding I attended, a bus was chartered to send us to the wedding location.
  2. The bride comes in a rather chic car at about 6pm.
  3. There was a tea ceremony – to infuse a little Asian culture to it as it was a Singapore + Spanish wedding
  4. Following which, there was a church service, in which the priests said his blessings in Spanish, and then canapes. You can take photos and hang out with the bride and groom. It’s cool.
  5. That’s followed by dinner which starts at 10pm and ends around midnight.
  6. And lastly – the party starts with the bride and groom leading in with a dance. After that, it’s all up to you! : )
Spanish wedding aisle
Walking down the aisle…

1. Suit up!

spanish wedding ourense
Dress to your nines.. IT’s very important.

Unlike attending an unfamiliar cousin’s 8-course Chinese wedding dinner, where one will not be called out for coming in a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, Spanish weddings demand that you suit up (for guys), and for females, put on those heels and dress up!

2. Crank up the stilettos and FIGHT for the bouquet

Once again, unlike most Singaporean weddings where girls shy away from the bouquet, you’re suppose to fight for it under the Spanish context. Literally, be ‘buay paiseh’ (not afraid of embarrassment) and rush up with your hand outstretched for the bouquet. It’s very much your prerogative. Well I suppose, that same principle applies to every good man – put in the effort and fight for him!

spanish wedding ourense
Lovely floral decorations..

3. Be prepared for a really late dinner…

spanish wedding ourense
Fresh scampi from the North of Spain. Yum!

No worries about growling tummies, because there will be canapes in between. But be sure to have a full lunch, because dinner commences around 10pm. Have a good rest the night before, because you’re expected to be awake throughout the night. Well, at least be sufficiently awake to enjoy the food.

4. But a really good one.

spanish wedding ourense
Fish and potatoes

I can’t say if it’s the trend for most weddings, but the food was really delectable. We were in Ourense and it was known for really fresh seafood, along the likes of clams, prawns and fish. Very, very good. The wedding I attended was five-courses, and it was very filling.

spanish wedding ourense
Lovely fresh lobsters..
spanish wedding ourense
Check out the fresh luscious roe.. yum.
spanish wedding ourense
Love the clams..
spanish wedding ourense
Love the vanilla ice-cream and chocolate cone.
spanish wedding ourense
To side track, I found this pretty interesting. It’s a towel which expands when you dip it in water. It can be used as a wet napkin after that.

5. Like in all weddings, gifts of cash are mostly preferred

It depends on the couple, but it’s not taboo to give cash gifts. After all, what better way to tailor your gift to the couple’s needs than by providing them a resource to get the things they need?

6. Language is not a problem, after a few drinks

spanish wedding ourense
The best wines are the wines we drink with friends.. and the ones that come from your friend’s vineyard.

Friendships are made on the foundations of ‘Hola’, ‘Gracias’ and a couple of Gin and Tonics.

7. The Party goes on until the next morning

spanish wedding party
The party goes on.. all night.

Unlike Singaporean weddings in which couples are let off at midnight to carry on other activities in private, Spanish couples are not as lucky? : ) Well, the party continues right until the next morning. And you can imagine everyone is pretty smashed up, so I’m guessing, some other activities will have to take a backseat. : )

The author of The Travelling Squid would like to thank her Friends W & M for the invite to the wedding.