Must-try: Authentic Croatian Seafood at Lokanda Peskarija in Dubrovnik

I expected restaurants located in the Old City of Dubrovnik to be rather touristy and over-priced, but it was not the case of Lokanda Peskarija, a seafood bistro located near the harbour of Dubrovnik’s Old City. Reviews on Tripadvisor were good and we decided to give it a shot.

We were not disappointed. The seafood was fresh – my favourite were the oysters – they tasted as fresh as fresh could be, as though they were lifted from the Adriatic Sea and transferred right to our plates in a matter of minutes. It was not too crowded when we arrived at 6.30pm that evening.

Lokanda Peskarija dubrovnik old city
Lokanda Peskarija – it was empty at 6.30pm, the time when we made our reservation.
Lokanda Peskarija dubrovnik old city
It’s at a lovely location, right next to the fort walls and harbour.

 Location/ Ambience

Lokanda Peskarija dubrovnik old city
Located right next to the harbour, Lokanda Peskarija has a lovely view.

Lokanda Peskarija is located right at the steps of the Old City Walls. It faces the harbour and has a great view. When we were there, there was a traditional wooden Viking-type of ship anchored at the harbour (a cruise of some sort). The view was fantastic. We were there for dinner, and had the chance to see the Old City all lighted up at sunset too.

Lokanda Peskarija dubrovnik old city
It’s a family friendly restaurant too.


water Lokanda Peskarija dubrovnik old city
Still water in Croatia – comes in a classy glass bottle.
beer Lokanda Peskarija dubrovnik old city
A beer is always welcomed.
rakia traditional croatian alcolhol
Not forgetting, some local alcohol. This is Croatia Rakia, a type of fruit brandy.

According to Wikipedia, Rakia is the most popular spirit in Croatia. Travarica (herbal rakia) is usually served at the beginning of the meal, together with dried figs. Rakia is typically made of honey (medica) or mistletoe (biska). Biska, which is yellow-brown and sweet, is a typical liquor of Istria.


We ordered a seafood platter, with oysters as starters. In general, I found the portions to be rather generous. The bread was light and fluffy, and I enjoyed the shrimp and mussels very much. The fish tasted like the ones back home and it wasn’t much of an eye-opener.

bread Lokanda Peskarija dubrovnik old city
Fresh bread – love it.

Oysters – HRK15 per piece/ (SGD3/ USD2.25)

The oysters were very different from the large Canadian and Australian oysters in Singapore. Those were smaller in size, tasted more flavourful and slightly more salty. I felt like I could taste a little of the Adriatic Sea in there. I was very intrigued to discover that there were little bits of hair growing by the side of the shells.

oysters Lokanda Peskarija dubrovnik old city
Croatian oysters are very different. But nice nonetheless.
oyster shells Lokanda Peskarija dubrovnik old city
Oyster shells all stacked up. Evidence of the conquest.

Seafood platter for two (HKR220: SGD43/ USD32.20))

The seafood platter comprises mackerel, sword fish, sardines, small grilled squids, grilled shrimp and mussels. A squeeze of the lemon juice was just the right touch. That being said, the fish was nothing fancy. I recalled the fish tasting quite like the ones back home. The shrimp and mussels were the star of the show – all were fresh and delectable.

seafood platter Lokanda Peskarija dubrovnik old city
The seafood platter is not bad.
seafood platter Lokanda Peskarija dubrovnik old city
A little bit of everything.
mussel Lokanda Peskarija dubrovnik old city
Fresh mussels sauteed to perfection.


The service was very prompt when there were fewer diners. In general, the staff were helpful and very friendly. They had no problems speaking in English too. There’s also an English menu available, which makes ordering food a lot easier.

night lights dubrovnik old city
When dinner ended, the sun had set.
The lights will bring you back in time… of medieval times where soldiers guarded the old fort.

The Travelling Squid’s Take

Lokanda Peskarija had just the right balance of everything. The location and ambience were great, the seafood was fresh and the service staff were very helpful. While it’s not the most affordable of all restaurants, I’d say compared to Konoba Nava, which we had earlier in the afternoon, Lokanda Peskarija is much more value for money. If you’re looking to try authentic Croatian Seafood at Lokanda Peskarija in Dubrovnik, simply make a reservation via the website – it’s a simple process. Also, don’t forget to try Rakia – a homemade Croatian spirit. It’s not too strong and helps you relax a little.

Here’s to a great dining experience!

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About: Lokanda Peskarija in Dubrovnik

Na ponti bb, 20000 Dubrovnik
Tel: + 385 20 324 750
Email: sales@mea-culpa.h

Website: (The homepage has pretty cool images with a snazzy soundtrack. Kinda grows on you)

Do make your reservation in advance. It is easily done via the website: