Planning a three day itinerary in Madrid – A nutshell

real madrid bernabeu tour stadium
Planning a three-day itinerary in Madrid – don’t forget the Bernabeu!

When I think about Madrid, I recall being extremely impressed by the Prado Museum, feeling elated to be in the dressing room where Raul Gonzalez used to frequent. Last but not least, I remember messing up a hotel room in Madrid terribly due to an over-consumption of wine. Till this day, I still feel terribly guilty and sorry about it.

To sum it all, Madrid can be covered in three days – give it two if you’re looking for a more compact itinerary. Madrid’s best offerings are her museums, grand parks and food – think great tapas, wine (don’t drink too much!) and paella.

Here’s a three-day itinerary in Madrid – hope you will find the recommendations useful!

Madrid in a Snapshot

Recommended Hotels 

Hotel Quatro Puerta del Sol Madrid
The entrance to Hotel Quatro Puerta del Sol in Madrid.

I stayed in a hotel located in central Madrid and also one located near the airport. Both are good and value-for-money.

Recommended Eats

la barraca madrid fideua
I like the texture of the dish. There were sufficient ingredients – shrimp, mussels, calamari and fish.

Tapas Hopping is fun, just don’t overdose on the wine. Also, do try Fideua – it’s similar to Paella, only that macaroni is used instead of rice.

A three day itinerary in Madrid

Day One

Be prepared to spend at least half a day at the Prado Museum. It’s best to head there early, so you can spend as much time viewing the artwork, without having to worry that t curators will be chasing you away at closing time.

The Clothed Maja Prado Museum
The Clothed Maja – she’s waiting for you at the Prado Museum

If you need a break after that, immerse yourself in nature by heading to the Buen Retiro Park after that.

Day Two

Royal Palace of Madrid

The Royal Palace of Madrid is a nice-to-visit, especially if it’s your first time in Madrid. Once you’re done with that, take a walk along the shopping promenades of Puerta del Sol in Madrid. You’ll find international brands and at El Corte Ingles, we found a very well stocked-up supermarket offering a variety of affordable wines.

Day Three

real madrid bernabeu tour jerseys
Jerseys from the current team.

Be sure to visit the iconic stadium of soccer powerhouse Real Madrid. Set aside at least three hours, or even more should you be a big fan. As declared in earlier posts, my favourite was being in the dressing room. Check the posts below for more pictures and information.

casa labra tapas madrid
That makes for a long story…

The recommended sights in Madrid were a little lean as compared to Lisbon, because I spent most of my time tapas hopping and shopping. I also took things a little slower as I wanted to be refreshed for my Friend W’s wedding. Little did I know how far I was from being refreshed, the day we were suppose to take the train up North to her wedding…

Well, and that ties in with my previous post on… ‘9 things to do when you miss the train‘.

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