A duck’s life at the Plitvice Lakes

A duck’s life.. if you’re wondering what’s so special about the life of an ordinary duck, think again. It may not be fair to consider ducks residing at the Plitvice Lakes as ordinary, but their lives are quite spectacular, living in one of nature’s most serene and beautiful habitats. The pictures will show you why.

plitvice lakes duck family
Family of ducks
plitvice lakes ducks
Setting sail…
plitvice lakes ducks living
I knew ducks could fly, just never saw them in action…
plitvice lakes ducks living
The duck may blend in with the grey earth.
plitvice lakes ducks
But it has a pretty nice garden to accompany it.
plitvice lakes ducks living
Duck drinking the fresh, clear water. Yum.
plitvice lakes slippers
There are no ducks in this photo. But I thought this was pretty interesting… Two different slippers perched on a branch. Someone found them and put them together.
plitvice lakes freshwater ducks
The ducks are so beautiful.. The brown and blue feathers, the yellow beak and reddish legs.. Don’t think they make good food though.
plitvice lakes ducks
I leave you – the best picture of all. That sums up what a duck’s life at the Plitvice Lakes would be.