Humble eating on the Trans Siberian

Thought it will be a light-hearted way to end the narrative of the 7 day train ride with pictures of humble eating on the Trans Siberian. I am a frequent eater of instant noodles, so the first few days passed without much trouble. But after four similar meals of the same thing…

In the following pictures, most of the time we were smiling, but some times it was really the case of 笑中带苦。(Smiling with a heavy heart.)

Here you go!

Beijing to Irkutsk – We had stocked up instant noodles, sardines and luncheon meat.

Trans Siberian restaurant car beijing
Instant noodles with sardines – this is a very good meal by train standards!
Lipton tea
Then we had tea
Trans Siberian instant noodles
Hong Shao Niu Rou – much better than Russian instant noodles
Trans Siberian luncheon meat
Oh.. luncheon meat.. how lovely you are (were)..
Trans Siberian food orange
Oranges – Essentials for time in the toilet later on
Trans Siberian Russian instant noodles
Russian instant noodles :// salty and not as yummy as the Chinese ones
Russian doughnuts
Hard doughnuts that taste a little too sweet for my liking ://. But we bought a pack so I finished it up :/
Russian canned tuna
Canned tuna – taste so awesome!
Russian instant porridge
I thought this was Russian instant porridge. It turned out to be some weird grain thing. Didn’t like it 🙁
Russian canned food tuna
Another can of awesome tuna or some kind of fish. These are things to look forward to on the train.
Eating on the Trans siberian
Our last Chinese instant noodles – comes with a sausage too!
Russan can fish
Simple things in life can make you just so happy
Trans Siberian food snacks
These lovely choco pies cost SGD4 (super ex!) but taste so lovely! Had this for dinner on the last day
Trans Siberian fruits pear
Happy just to eat a green apple.

I don’t consider myself to be fussy with food. I will eat anything as long as it keeps me full and gives me an easy time in the loo. But four days filled with instant noodles and canned meat made me feel like my world was swimming in MSG. Bread and biscuits provided some sort of respite, but it just didn’t feel enough.

Looking back, times were hard. I don’t think I can ever look at instant noodles and canned food in the same light ever again. But the benefits? I think I lost weight!

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