Date a guy who works late / Date a girl who works late

This post is dedicated to both guys and girls who work late. If you’re on your way home in a taxi now, aimlessly browsing your Facebook news feed, I sincerely hope you’ll like this post, because I’ve been there before. 

* * *

You’re sitting at Starbucks looking at your watch. It’s 9.30pm on a weekday and he said he’d have dinner with you. His Whatsapp timestamp says 8.45pm, and he hasn’t replied you last Whatsapp text, “You’re finishing soon?”.

You have been sitting at Starbucks for the past two hours, and your coffee mug is empty. Flappy Wings has failed to entice you, and you’re just so tired of Candy Crush.

You want to head home but you feel bad, it’s the only time you’ll spend together this week, because he’s flying to China on Friday for a month-long work trip.

He finally arrives an hour late, apologising and cursing that boss who dealt him with a stack of documents at 7pm. You have a quick dinner and he sends you home. In the taxi, he fiddles with his phone, and answers a work related phone call, not once but twice.

You find yourself always waiting.

Green tea while waiting for the guy who works late
Latte and Flappy Wings while waiting for the Guy Who Works Late

But here are some reasons why you date a guy who works late.

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Date a guy who works late because there is a high chance he knows what he wants, and is putting in his best to achieve his goals in life.

Date a guy who works late because he can take hardships, and is mentality and physically strong to deal with the shit that comes his way.

Date a guy who works late, not because he is getting stepped over by his colleagues, but because he is magnanimous enough to stay back and help the team finish a shit job.

Date a guy who works late, because he is a good boss and will try his best not to leave until all his subordinates does.

Date a guy who works late because responsibility and reliability and two key traits he’ll exhibit at work and at home.

Date a guy who works late and you will have the freedom to pursue your dreams, without the guilty feeling of being the bottleneck.

Date a guy who works late
Care to date a guy who works late?
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Date a guy who works late and you’ll relish the time you have to yourself especially if you’re the independent sort.

Date a guy who works late because he will accumulate a sum of money which he wouldn’t have time to use and you can spend it for him.

Date a guy who works late because the time you spent with each other will become very precious and meaningful.

Date a guy who works late because there’s a high chance he loves his job. And there is much to look forward to, and a potentially very fulfilling relationship awaits you when you date a guy who loves his job.

Date a guy who works late. You’ll be surprise that in times of need, he will push aside all important engagements and be there for you.

 * * *

For girls, specially. 

I’m sure you’re have seen her. Strutting in her high heels, perfectly drawn Mascara eyes and pencil skirt, you would have come across the OL (Office Lady) in commercial areas such as Raffles Place and Tanjong Pagar.

You’ll see her carrying her laptop bag, flagging a cab home at the wee hours of the morning. She looks tired but never gives up. She leaves office at 2am in the morning and returns at 8.30am.

She could be an auditor, banker or marketer. And she works late.

* * *

She could be very date-able and working late for the same reasons above. But I think for all my married colleagues with kids, they do it because of the family. It’s about sacrifice.

I know this is a bit of stretch but here’s my theory, open to debate of course.

Date a girl who works late, because if you eventually marry her, there’s a high chance she’ll be a very good wife and mother.

Disclaimer again: That is NOT to say, that girls who knock off at 6pm every day do not make good wives/ mothers. It’s not mutually exclusive. 

Once again I’ll like to say thank you to all my friends who worked late, especially to my Friend S for sharing his thoughts on dating a guy/ girl who works late. 

A big thanks to the credited websites for the photos used. 

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