Photo story: Trekking along Sapa rice terraces in winter

sapa rice plantations mountains
Cross a wooden bridge to Sapa’s minority villages

If you’re into rice terraces, grand mountains, river boats, Sapa is the place for you. Notwithstanding the fact that it is a little over-touristed in this writer’s opinion, Sapa has much to offer, especially in the summer months of March to August.

When I was there in January, the paddy fields were filled with pools of brown water, possibly runoff from the rains which had come down in the later months. The scenery looked bleak, the mountains shrouded in wisps of mist.

It may be the case of over-travelling, as I’ve seen similar plantations in Nepal and China. But I’m guessing towards the later part of the year, when the plantations are green, sparkling under the summer’s heat, it will be quite worth it.

Have shared some photos of the rice terraces, mountains and lakes I saw along the trek – hope that helps you make a decision if you would like to come to Sapa or not.

sapa stream trekking
We had to cross a stream along the trek, thank goodness we were in boots.
sapa rice terraces
Sapa rice terraces, submerged in water.
Sapa minority village construction
Construction going on – will that change the land in Sapa?
Sapa rice plantations january
Sapa rice terraces which have been neatly cut out
Sapa minority villages homes
A fishing boat along the lakes of Sapa
bridge to Sapa minority villages
Crossing the wooden bridge, into Sapa’s minority villages.
Sapa rice plantation winter
Sapa rice terraces submerged in water.
sapa minority villages
House amid the mountains – how is it like to be living there?
Sapa rice plantations terrace
Rice terraces seeped in mud
sapa rice plantation terraces
Crumbling shack on the edge of a rice terrace.
Sapa mountains
Shades of greatness – it’s a pity the mountains were shrouded by mist.
Sapa rice terraces winter
When I imagine this to be summer, I think it will be very beautiful.

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