Where to find toilets at the Chatuchat Weekend Market in Bangkok?

If you’re planning to head to the Chatuchat Weekend Market in Bangkok, chances are, it’s not the crowds that you should be concerned about. Neither is it locating the market, as it’s really quite easy to find this really popular destination, filled with locals and tourists alike. (Just follow the crowd). Your biggest concern should really be.. the toilets.

There I was, one cool Sunday morning, about to join the throng of people surging ahead to Chatuchat, to satisfying their shopping desires of all sorts.

In fact, along the way from Siam to Mo Chit (the BTS train station nearest to Chatuchat), my stomach felt bloated and uncomfortable. Right before I entered Chatuchat, my stomach started rumbling. I attribute it to the sumptuous Thai dinner I had the night before. Think Thai basil chicken, tom yum goong (soup), and the biggest killer of all, spicy yellow massaman curry.

Massaman curry naj bangkok
Flavourful, but a real killer. Credits: http://www.najcuisine.com/

Now my body is a principled one. Spicy food that enters not only leaves a fiery sensation in the mouth. It wrecks havoc through the intestines, and finally, creates an extreme need to leave the body with an intense spice note (if you get what I mean). At that moment, I found myself at the fringes of the Chatuchat Market looking urgently for a place to poop.

I first headed to what appeared to be the park’s office. To my dismay, it was a Sunday and the entire place was closed. My last bet was the Chatuchat Park train station (along the Silom line), situated at the fringes of the park.

chatuchat park train station bangkok
The toilet at Chatuchat Park Train Station – a lifesaver. Credits: http://www.iambuchok.com/

I fled down the escalator steps, hoping for a helpful toilet signage, but found none, only to learn that the toilets were right opposite the gantry of the station. There was no signage and we had to ask for directions from a barista at a cafe located in the station.

Here’s why the toilet is great.

1. I expected toilets located in train stations to be filthy. But this was not to be. It was very clean – spick and span. Even the toilet seat looked fine to sit on.

2. Toilet paper is provided – though it gets used up really fast, so come prepared with some tissue paper of your own

3. Soap – this toilet has soap too! Perfect for someone who is in urgent need to take a dump.

Essentially, this toilet was well maintained, and in my opinion, the place you should visit before heading to the market.

toilet chatuchat market bangkok
Toilets at the Chatuchat Weekend Market in Bangkok – Be prepared to pay 5 baht. Credits: Tripadvisor

There are other toilets located within the Chatuchat market, in between sections.  You have to pay 5 baht to get in. I can’t be sure if the cleanliness is of similar levels with that of the train station, and if toilet paper is provided. Therefore, to me, the Chatuchat Park train station is probably the best toilet you can find out there. The toilet is popular with commuters, so avoid coming with a full bladder. Bring along tissue paper too, just in case.

As with the rule of every trip overseas, if you’re unsure about the existence of a toilet, drink less water before you visit the destination, and load up on liquids once you’re back in the hotel.

Have you visited a toilet in Chatuchat before? Please share your experience in the comments section below.