Photo Story – The Dorasan Railway station, South Korea: A train station like no other

As mentioned before in my previous post on why you should include the DMZ in your itinerary to Seoul, it’s worth understanding a part of Korean history.

The Dorasan Railway station happens to be one of the stops along the way. South Korea hopes that the Dorasan Railway station will eventually be the start point of entry into North Korea, then China and then the Trans Siberian. We’ll see how that pans out.

In the meantime, pictures of the Dorasan Railway station here, for your viewing pleasure.

Dorasan Station
Dorasan Station
Children paintings dorasan railway
Paintings of Children to lighten the mood.
South korean soldier dorasan railway station
South Korean soldier on duty at Dorasan Railway Station.


dorasan railway station trans siberian
Connecting with the Trans Siberian – a faraway dream

You can get commemoration stamps here, at Dorasan Station

North Korean commemoration stamp
I’ve been to North Korea!
(Just Kidding)
An absolutely shiny, glossy train station - Dorasan - that's not in use
An absolutely shiny, glossy train station – Dorasan – that’s not in use
No baggage checks, no security, no sound of trains
No baggage checks, no security, no sound of trains
dorasan railway station south korea
A train lover’s journey, at Dorasan Railway Station

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