Affordable accommodation near Plitvice Lakes: Villa Jezerka

villa jezerka plitvice lakes
Nice well-made bed. Very homey.

Villa Jezerka was a recommendation from a friend who had visited the Plitvice Lakes previously. While it did not come with an en suite bathroom, the room was comfy, there was a small TV and the shared bathroom was very clean as well.

It cost very affordable HKR254/ SGD52/ US37.30 a night and I had absolutely no complaints.

villa jezerka plitvice lakes
Windows which look out into the garden.



villa jezerka plitvice lakes
Check out the affordable accommodation near Plitvice Lakes. It’s called Villa Jezerka in the booking but the sign reads House Jezerka. But the address is similar – 12a.

As mentioned earlier, it was very good value for money. The rooms and shared bathroom was very comfy. In fact, I think we were the only ones using the bathroom that night. The bathroom had hot water – essential for a cold Croatian night. It also came equipped with a hairdryer.

villa jezerka plitvice lakes
Clean and dry shared bathroom.
villa jezerka plitvice lakes
Spacious bathroom.



Location of Villa Jezerka is not right outside the park entrance

villa jezerka plitvice lakes
The owner has a car and offered to drive us to the park entrance.

The ‘Villa’ is not located near the both entrances – it’s a 15 min walk (1.5km) from Entrance 2. Therefore if you’re taking the bus, make sure you get off the stop before the one at Entrance 2. Show the driver the address. Lucky for us, the driver told us to alight a stop earlier, and it was a 8 minute walk to the Villa, which was quite tough especially with a four-wheeled suitcase.

It would be much more convenient if you’re driving. It’s times like this which make you think that camping may actually be more worth it. Just make sure that there are decent amenities nearby.

villa jezerka plitvice lakes vincinity
The roads were very quiet when we got here.

Lack of amenities nearby

villa jezerka plitvice lakes
It’s a quiet little town.

We arrived around 5pm and by the time we settled down, it was 6.30pm and it was slowly getting dark. The houses around us were very quiet and I can imagine that the occupants had gone to bed. Therefore, in order to find a restaurant, we had to cross the main road to get to the other side.

villa jezerka plitvice lakes vincinity
Logs collected for the winter.
villa jezerka plitvice lakes supermarket
Centar – the nearest supermarket which is a 15min walk away. It was also difficult to locate.
villa jezerka plitvice lakes vincinity
Houses near the vicinity of Plitvice Lakes.
villa jezerka plitvice lakes vincinity
They are located faraway from each other.

There’s a nice pizza restaurant across the other town with a long queue. The portions are generous and the food okay-tasting, as far as I can remember.

villa jezerka plitvice lakes supermarket
Dinner at Plitvice Lakes – This was a hamburger patty and some rice.


The Travelling Squid’s Take

Villa Jezerka is a good value-for-money option especially if you’re looking for a one-night stay just as a stepping stone to the Plitvice Lakes. While it’s a distance away from Entrance 2, the proprietor offered to drive us to the lakes, which was a comfortable 5 min drive away.

It’s recommended that you drive to the Villa, or inform the proprietor in advance so you can get transportation to the Villa.

Remember to get dinner early as it turns dark pretty early, and there are not many street lights around.

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