Review of our stay at Heatherlea B&B

heatherlea b&B glencoe
The view outside – there was a nice big tree.

Heatherlea B&B was one of the most affordable places we stayed at during our trip to the UK. It cost us SGD132/ £73 per night for a twin room with a  private shower facility. What stood out for this B&B was not only the simple and clean rooms, the lovely breakfast we had in the morning, but the hospitality of our hosts, Helen and Jo. We wanted to find out about the Lost Valley trail, and they furnished us a map with directions on how to get there. It was very comprehensive – they also gave permission for me to use it for an earlier post. 🙂 Hope you find that, and the review of our stay at Heatherlea B&B helpful!

Location/ Parking

heatherlea b&B glencoe
Directions are clear

Heatherlea B&B is located in the middle of Glencoe village. It’s easily accessed by car and you get clear directions based on the signage. There is parking space located right outside the house.

heatherlea b&B glencoe
There’s sufficient parking right outside the house.

When we arrived, our host gave us a brief on the requirements – basically your shoes would have to be kept by the door – which is perfectly fine with us as we do not wear our shoes into our homes : ) It’s a non-smoking establishment. If you’re staying for more than one night, you’re expected to be in the BnB between 10.00 – 16.00am. You can’t consume take-away food  in the bedrooms too.

heatherlea b&B glencoe
On the way here – the roads were clear.

The Room

The room was simple – it came with a television, wifi (very importantly), and a little chest of drawers which we could store our belongings. The bed was quite comfy – I liked that the roof was slanted in.

heatherlea b&B glencoe
Bed with a green cushion.
heatherlea b&B glencoe
It’s a bit of a mess but here were our stuff.

The Bathroom

The bathroom was kept very clean, and I was in all when I tasted water from the tap – it was like brushing your teeth with a bottle of Evian mineral water. Perfect.

heatherlea b&B glencoe
The toilet was really clean. Spring water gushed from the tap.
heatherlea b&B glencoe
The shower facility
heatherlea b&B glencoe
View around the house.
heatherlea b&B glencoe
It’s quite a dream to be living here.

The Breakfast

The BnB has staggered times for breakfast, and you get to choose from an option of various items – haggis, bacon, scrambled eggs and mushrooms. I got the full Scottish, minus haggis which wasn’t really my thing.

heatherlea b&B glencoe
Breakfast table all laid out.

Loved the dog-puns on the mugs.

heatherlea b&B glencoe
These dog-puns got me ‘dun-cing’.
heatherlea b&B glencoe breakfaste
Pugs and kisses…
heatherlea b&B glencoe breakfast
Lovely breakfast – @ Heatherlea B&B.
heatherlea b&B glencoe living room french press
There is french press coffee too : ) We didn’t manage to drink all, as there was a long drive later on.
heatherlea b&B glencoe living room
Cosy little living room.
heatherlea b&B glencoe living room
Quaint little living room. The scenery was amazing.

The Travelling Squid’s Take

I’d recommend that you stay at Heatherlea B&B during your time in Glencoe. The rooms were simple, value for money, and most importantly the hospitality of Helen and Jo was great. Thank you! : )


Review of our stay at Heatherlea B&B

  • Address: 13A Glencoe Village, Glencoe Village PH49 4HQ, Scotland
  • Drop them an email to make reservation:
  • Tel: 01855 811519
  • Website:
  • *Tripadvisor gives it a high-five too. 

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